A Versatile Blogger?

I spent the last half of February roaming the middle of America, from Minnesota to Mexico.

Catching up on my blog readin’ and writin’ after my return, I was surprised to see that Planetary Defense Commander nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award.


Versatile? So that’s what they’re calling liberal arts grads who can’t concentrate on any one thing?

As for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award … well “inspiring” is not a word normally associated with me, so I will pass on that award.

Seven Trivial and Mildly Interesting Things About Me

  1. I spent the first six years of my life in Slope County, North Dakota — once named as America’s least diverse county by the US Census Bureau.
  2. I have not read a word of Ernest Hemmingway.
  3. As an English major, I took all the pre-1660 English literature courses.
  4. I am living proof that you can go through — and I mean through — a barbed wire fence on a snowmobile and live.
  5. I was 41 years old before I first saw the ocean. (The people at Chesapeake Bay said I still hadn’t seen the ocean. I say if it’s got salt water and tides, it’s an ocean. I did study oceanography.)
  6. My dad kept loaded guns and dynamite and blasting caps about the place. (The dynamite’s not of much use without the caps.) That, however, was a wussified step down from his childhood home — which had all those and poison.
  7. I met my wife through reading Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. She shares a name with one of the characters.

My Magnificent Seven Eight

These blogs all tend to do one thing I don’t — specialize.

Roads to the Great War is a daily blog about World War One. Pictures, book reviews, trivia, and maps. Every day is a quick history lesson.

From Couch to Moon isn’t afraid to review old science fiction and the new stuff. Really she’s kind of a nag about all the books on my shelf I should have read. But I put up with it.

It’s a good thing I’m not into guilt because Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations would remind me of all my wasted money (and shelf space) with books I possess and haven’t read yet. But he has cool pictures and, despite spending a whole lot of time going through science fiction reference books, comes up with authors I’ve never even heard of.

Terence E. Hanley’s Tellers of Weird Tales doesn’t blather opinions like a lot of bloggers. His postings on the writers and artists associated with Weird Tales are dense with facts: names, dates, pictures. Occasionally, he covers other weird fiction topics like his recent postings on the literary inspirations for the film The Blair Witch Project.

The R’lyeh Tribune covers the work of H. P. Lovecraft and his contemporaries in fantastic fiction.

I love Fortean Times magazine and Retro-Forteana is the blog of one of its contributors, Andrew May. Forteana and reviews of old science fiction.

Familial loyalty makes me mention my sister’s blog, Middle East Notebook. She’s been compiling news from that troubled spot of the world for years.

Addendum: How could have I forgot the blog I’ve been reading longest: Jerry Pournelle’s The View from Chaos Manor? Science, politics, war, and some discussion of science fiction — and a very erudite and impressive list of correspondents.

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