Ends and Beginnings: The Demolition of Alfred Bester and the Beginning of Jerry Pournelle

I’m not a subscriber or reader of Galaxy’s Edge (as opposed to all those magazines I subscribe to and don’t read timely).

However, I happened to look at Issue 13 on line, and saw that it had some non-fiction about two of my favorite authors.

I regard Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination as the greatest science fiction novel I’ve ever read, but the quality of Bester’s writing dropped off considerably after the 1950s. (And I’ve read all the science fiction he completed in his lifetime.) In this installment of his “From the Heart’s Basement” column, Barry Malzberg compares the post-1950s Bester to the post Citizen Kane Orson Welles: washed up raconteurs providing glimpses of their past glory.

In relation to this, I remember Joe Haldeman saying he met Bester once and not liking him — but still thinking The Stars My Destination was great.

Jerry Pournelle’s start as a writer and what he brings to his collaborations with Larry Niven is covered in an interview with Joy Ward. Pournelle is another of my favorite writers.

Both features are available free at the Galaxy’s Edge site. [Update: You now have to buy the issue to get them.]

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