The Plain Truth and British Science Fiction Writers


I’ve got plenty of reviews to write and a post-migraine brain only fit for web-surfing.

So …

You get a personal, elliptical bit of trivia about the Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, and the uses two British writers of the fantastic made of them. I’ve mentioned the church in passing, and I assure you that a web or Wikipedia search for either the church or the man will give you some strange and scandalous reading.

And one Sir Terry Pratchett (whom I’ve never read) shows up on page 23 of the March 2015 issue of The Journal: News of the Churches. Pratchett’s novel Feet of Clay transformed the church’s magazine, The Plain Truth, into a magazine called Unadorned Facts.

Before Pratchett, Michael Moorcock’s Jerry Cornelius novel A Cure for Cancer used a long excerpt from The Plain Truth, an article titled “Infection Exposed”, in his psychedelic collage. (Page 251 if you have the old Avon paperback omnibus The Cornelius Chronicles from 1977.) I’m not a big fan of the Cornelius books but that allusion endeared that one to me.

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