Another ancient review for you while I work on righting some new ones.

From November 22, 1997 …

Review: Convergence, Charles Sheffield, 1997

The story opens with news that the Artifacts, centerpiece of this series, seem to be changing and, in some cases, disappearing. To further complicate matters, Artifact expert Darya Lang finds her academic turf threatened with the sudden appearance of newcomer Quintus Bloom who tells her he has discovered a new Artifact and also has a theory about the Builders and the purpose of their Artifacts. He thinks they were built by future humans to foster our development.Convergence

In a huff, Darya Lang sets out to explore Labyrinth and prove Bloom wrong. Hans Rebka, after a lover’s quarrel with Lang, has no idea where she went and undertakes the exploration of another newly altered Artifact. Meanwhile, Louis Nenda and Atvar H’sial enter Bloom’s employ as he explores the Torvil Anfract, the Artifact discovered in the last book of the series, Transcendence.

The simultaneous exploration of these Artifacts gets a trifle tedious and confusing, but the characters make up for it.


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