The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace

I’ve been delayed in producing new content.

As usual, that means you get old content.

A retro review from March 2, 2013 …

(I’m not sure if the linked title has been revised from the review copy I got from the author. It has a 2014 copyright date.)

Review: The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace, T. D. Wilson, 2013.Epherium Chronicles

This was an ok space adventure in the tradition of Star Trek and Star Wars. The weaponry is similar – shields and lasers – with the addition of added particle weapons. There are fighter planes and battles in asteroids. There was the one crew member of an unusual origin and abilities – security officer Maya Greywalker. In fact, I would say the greatest liability of the book is its sometimes too long-winded speeches by the Captain – a trait reminiscent of early Babylon 5 episodes. (Wilson is a fan of all three media universes.) There is some interesting intrigue – murder aboard the Epherium and traitorous officers – but not enough to get me to continue the series.

The production values were good in this self-published work. I didn’t notice many typos.

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