The Hollow Earth

Obviously, the Hollow Earth series is continuing.

Raw Feed (2005): The Hollow Earth: The Narrative of Mason Algiers Reynolds of Virginia, Rudy Rucker, 1990.hollow-earth 

I didn’t care for this novel very much.

First off, I’ve never been keen on the lost race/primitive alien culture story which is what you get when the narrator and Edgar Allan Poe reach the Hollow Earth.

Second, I was bored by all the details of that Hollow Earth. I didn’t even bother to follow all the details of the central Anomaly and Mirror Earths. Rucker’s afterword says it is a description of an Einstein-Rosen bridge which is also mentioned in Rucker’s non-fiction The Fourth Dimension.

The only thing I really liked about the book was its description of the alternate Poe as a con-artist and counterfeiter and how bits of Poe and his language (particularly “Berenice” and The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym) are worked in to Rucker’s story.


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