The Earth Will Shake

The Robert Anton Wilson series continues.
This book was a surprise after reading Wilson and Robert J Shea’s Illuminatus Trilogy.
This book actually is closer to a regular novel, and Wilson proves he can do characters and plotting like everyone else. He does a nice job on Sigismundo Celine who we see come of age and develop as an illuminatus and a young man, and he’s an engaging character.
Wilson isn’t as raunchy or humorous as is in the Illuminatus Trilogy (though there is humor), and the conspiracy theories don’t come as fast and furious though we got Rossi, Mafia, Carbonari, Jacobites, Alumbrado, and Freemasons in a few pages.
Rather Wilson seems to be devoting himself to the real spiritual meaning behind various secret initiation rites, the psychology being intuitively practiced in them, the common links in the worldview behind many “secret” society philosophies.
And, of course, Wilson is doing his usual job of playing with your mind, driving you to be sceptical of everything: politics, religion, reality.
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