“The Dreams in the Witch House”

While I’m off writing up a new post, the Lovecraft series continues.

Raw Feed (2005): “The Dreams in the Witch House“, H. P. Lovecraft, 1932.277a820dd7a0f4d98d1dd010.L

This story is too long, but it is perhaps the quintessential combination of the various strains of Lovecraft’s horror fiction.

We have the very traditional trappings of horror with Black Sabbats and witches mixed with the cutting edge science of quantum mechanics (including a physicist I’d never heard of named de Sitter) and “non-Euclidean geometry” and Reimann equations. There is even a rationalized, literal version of the dream journeys Lovecraft’s Randolph Carter goes on.

Protagonist Walter Gilman’s body really does journey to other dimensions and worlds and even seems to bring back a relic of the Old Ones. The story was written in 1932 but seems to take place in 1927 or 1930 — before the Miskatonic University expedition to the Antarctic covered (of course, Gilman is a student at Miskatonic U) in 1931’s “At the Mountains of Madness“).


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