“The Evil Clergyman”

The Lovecraft series continues while I work on writing some new reviews.

Raw Feed (2005): “The Evil Clergyman”, H. P. Lovecraft, 1933.Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

This story is nothing special though it is interesting as another example of possession/bodyswitching like Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep” and “The Shadow Out of Time“.

What is most curious is that it probably was not intended as a story.

Lovecraft had a dream in 1933 and recounted it in a letter to (according to Joshi’s textual notes) Bernard Austin Dwyer.  Unfortunately, since I haven’t seen the letter, I can’t tell if the story’s remarkable coherence — for a dream (there is the odd, unexplained bit about the “ray-projector”) was there from the beginning or came about from hammering it into a story which was published in the April 1939 issue of Weird Tales.


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