“The Street”

The Lovecraft series continues.

Raw Feed (2005): “The Street”, H. P. Lovecraft, 1920?Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

In some ways, this is an embarrassingly amateurish story from the 30 year old Lovecraft (though it was published in something called The Wolverine), but it has the same ranting charm that Lovecraft’s New York stories do.

Written around the idea that places do have souls, it tells of the titular Street which finally, after its colonial and immediately post-Revolutionary War glory days, has to put up with nefarious immigrants — especially those “terrorists” who hang out in place’s like Petrovitch’s Bakery, the Rifkin School of Modern Economics, the Circle Social Club, and the Liberty Café.

The Street rises up and destroys those places and those people.  Needless to say, this story is from before Lovecraft became a Franklin Delano Roosevelt fan.


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