“Poetry and the Gods”

The Lovecraft series continues with with a collaboration.

Raw Feed (2005): “Poetry and the Gods”, H. P. Lovecraft and Anna Helen Crofts, 1920.Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

There is very little to recommend this turgid 1920 collaboration which is a celebration of poetry and classicism.

The heroine meets classical gods who sing the praises of various poets and, at story’s end, she is enraptured with the new poet, destined to become immortal, she has fallen in love with. That poet may be visible only to her, that would be the twist the Lovecraft of “Hypnos” would have written, but I think we are to take his existence as literal.

This is the only Lovecraft effort — collaboration or otherwise — that I’ve read with a female protagonist. [There is Asenath Waite of “The Thing on the Doorstep“, but that’s not a clear cut case.] Pretty obviously that’s Crofts’ doing.

The only thing, besides the sex of the protagonist, that stood out for me is the disparagingly accurate description of free verse (of which there is some — probably Crofts since most of Lovecraft’s poetry I’ve read was written to form): ” … that pitiful compromise of the poet who overleaps prose yet falls short of the divine melody of numbers.”


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