“The Crawling Chaos”

No, I have not given up blogging.

Some new legal obligations will be taking up my time for a while so not a lot of reading much less blogging has been getting done, and both will probably be sparse in the near future.

(And, no, for the curious, it’s not a criminal matter.)

But the Lovecraft series continues with, coincidentally, a very short entry.

This is another of what S. T. Joshi calls Lovecraft’s “primary revisions” meaning he heavily reworked his client’s work.

Raw Feed (2005): “The Crawling Chaos”, Elizabeth Berkley and Lewis Theobald, Jr., 1920 — 1921.hm

This was another collaboration between Winifred Virgina Jackson and H. P. Lovecraft. It’s also not very good though more coherent than “The Green Meadow“. It’s a moody, Dunsanian opium dream by the narrator and really, as a story, doesn’t resolve itself at all.


More Lovecraft related reviews are indexed on the Lovecraft page.

More reviews of fantastic fiction indexed by title and author/editor.





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