Poetry: “Dreams of a Newer Rood”

This one had three inspirations.

First, and obvious to students of early English literature, was the Anglo-Saxon poem “The Dream of the Rood“. When trying to get it published, I opted for the not-bad punning title “Passion Play”, but I reverted to the original title here.

Second was the curious group of people in the Philippines who reenact the Crucifixion every year.

Third was the line from Jethro Tull’s “Songs from the Wood“: “I am the cross to take your nail.”

No, this hasn’t turned into a poetry blog, but this was the poem I was looking for when I came across yesterday’s “Trade Talk“. I found it, embedded in gibberish, in an old WordPro file.

Then it got its own resurrection to appear here.


Dreams of a Newer Rood


Devout journey here Jesus to play,

Crucifixions cruel, uncommon meted here,

New Golgotha. Gashes torn

In pilgrim flesh, pious torture,

Nails driven deep in my wood,

Painshare with Christ the cross death.


Shrinking guts, shocked meat

Told by tendrils’ telemetry to me

Lurking in deathwood my lightcircuit mind.

Nanoagents command the carcass to stay

In life’s kingdom till Longinus spears

The body at twilight, takes it to cryotomb’s

Cold repose, resurrection days

Three after drama death staged.


Why do they seek the woe of Christ?

A puzzle of passion played barren,

Savior’s sacrifice shammed by man.

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