“Winged Death”

The Lovecraft series continues with another primary revision.

Raw Feed (2005): “Winged Death”, Hazel Heald [and H. P. Lovecraft], 1933.hm

An interesting biter-bitten story, interesting because of the scientific (or pseudo-scientific) details of using African flies infected with disease. Heald and Lovecraft mix the science with the supernatural transmigration of victim’s souls into the flies whose bite killed them.

Unlike the craxed artist Rogers from Heald and Lovecraft’s “The Horror in the Museum”, at least Dr. Slauenwite kills for the understandable motive of revenge, specifically because his victim intimated that he stole his theory from the work of another scientist. Slauenwite admits that the other scientist’s work would have anticipated his had he lived to publish it, but he did not plagiarize it.

I’m suspecting the influence of Lovecraft in the plot of the story given that it uses a typical Lovecraft device: a protagonist leaving behind a written record of his demise and the reasons behind it.


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