“The Trap”

The Lovecraft series continues with another one of his secondary revisions.

Raw Feed (2005): “The Trap”, Henry S. Whitehead [and H. P. Lovecraft], 1931.hm

An interesting fantasy  involving a magic mirror. I suspect Lovecraft not only provided the details of Axel Holm, master of glassmaking, science, and the occult, but also provided the many details (complementary colors, reversal of chirality, the merging of the worlds the mirror has reflected and captured) of the magic world in the mirror.

These carefully thought out details of the world and how to escape from it, the references to how Holm’s studies of the fourth dimension anticipated Einstein, not only reminded me of Lovecraft’s own “The Dreams in the Witch-House” (in fact the stories were written back to back with this one coming first), but Robert A. Heinlein’s later mathematical fantasy “And He Built A Crooked House”.


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