“The Disinterment”

The Lovecraft series continues with another one of his secondary revisions. (Yes, I am slowly working on writing up some new material.)

Raw Feed (2005): “The Disinterment”, Duane W. Rimel [and H. P. Lovecraft], 1935.hm

I found this 1935 story interesting because it describes zombification in pharmaceutical terms much like Wade Davis discovered it to be in his The Serpent and the Rainbow.  Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about the fictional uses of zombies to know if this is really innovative. (The Encyclopedia of Fantasy was not a real help.)

The narrator’s surgeon friend was of the same vein as Lovecraft’s Herbert West except he actually does experiment on his friend.

The horrific “revelation” at story’s end — that not only has the narrator’s friend given him a zombie drug and dug him up but also transplanted his head to another body — is hardly a surprise. Still, that’s hardly uncommon for Lovecraft’s solo efforts. 

The story’s main flaw is not detailing exactly why the narrator, stricken by leprosy, is going to be better off by faking his death. True, he might escape deportation or being quarantined, but he’ll be out his money and still uncured of the disease.


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