Stealing Other People’s Homework: “Leave the Capitol”

Leave the Capitol

I reviewed a bit of Arthur Machen for this blog and have read a bit more.

Lee Arizuno’s piece from The Quietus website has a good survey of his work.

Fans of the musician Mark E. Smith (I’m ignorant of his work) will be interested in Smith’s use of Machen.

2 thoughts on “Stealing Other People’s Homework: “Leave the Capitol”

  1. pernath May 20, 2018 / 9:13 am

    “which, like his other Christian stories, leaves me as cold as any church service”
    Meh. You needn’t be Christian to appreciate his Christianity-tinged stories. The tale in question is easily one of his best mystical stories. This anti-Christian bias that so many modern weird fiction aficionados feel the need to flaunt on any occasion is, at this point, just so very tiresome.

    • marzaat May 20, 2018 / 11:31 am

      I agree 100% though have to add I don’t actively hang out in discussion groups of the weird apart from LibraryThing. I idly speculate that some weird stories activate some sense of the numinous and non-material in some people’s mind and that they resolutely have to declare the one tradition they aren’t taking up to satisfy it.

      Personally, the evangelical atheist annoys me. If you don’t want to believe, fine. You don’t have to constantly remind people of it or attempt conversions.

      A couple of days ago I happened to see a YouTube recording of a 2013 Word Fantasy panel on Edwardian weird writers. A surprising number were the sons of ministers or preachers. Whether believers or not, it was speculated that that exposure to religion influenced their work.

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