Operation Syria

And, with this one, I’m now current with the adventures of William Meikle’s S Squad.

Review: Operation Syria, William Meikle, 2019.operationsyria

Rebels have grabbed some archaeologists working in Syria. Others managed to wall themselves up in a room after radioing for help.

The S Squad arrives, now up to full strength after replacing some members killed in previous adventures, to bring them home.

But it’s not rebels that are the problem. It’s spiders, lots of spiders, some very big spiders that are the danger. They behave a bit like pack animals and tap out signals to start swarm attacks. And, of course, there are webs, lots of spiderwebs big enough to hold men.

Not every squad member is going to be going home, and one of the archaeologist heroically helps the squad complete their mission.

What I liked best was Meikle’s use of the historic past of Dura-Europos, where the story takes place, and the real archaeological finds from there.

I also appreciated that, finally, the S Squad gets to use something besides just rifles and pistols against a monster.

If you’ve liked the series so far, this one won’t disappoint.


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