WHH Short Fiction: “In the Wailing Gully”

Review: “In the Wailing Gully”, William Hope Hodgson, 1913.

NSB v4
Cover by Jason Van Hollander

This is an enjoyable if lightweight romance.

The narrator is an artist who catches the eye of the local Betsy Dunton, a beautiful 17-year old girl. He is a painter and hears, from Betsy, that the locals are always looking for a sunken treasure in the area that, actually, she and her father have already found.

The story concludes with Betsy, her father, and the narrator confronting a group of men after the treasure.

Mr. Dunton seems to have known the narrator since Betsy recognizes the narrator from a portrait of his father in their home.

I liked the flirtation of Betsy. Naturally, this being Hodgson, narrator is a physically fit man.

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