Green Door

While this blog spent about a year mostly talking about the works of William Hope Hodgson, that was just a side trip initiated by my trip to Scotland and William Meikle’s Carnacki stories.

Before I visited the country, I wanted to read some fantastic fiction set in Scotland and Meikle, a favorite of this blog, was a good place to start with what was then the most recent Derek Adams story.

Review: Green DoorGreen Door, William Meikle, 2019.Green Door

This is story is sort of a sequel to the earlier Derek Adams story “Farside” in that Adams returns, to get some information, to the sigils and totems house he visited in that story. Those houses open on to alternate dimensions where the dead still live and can be accessed by their living loved ones.

This time, though, it’s not solace in the past Adams is seeking. He’s working.
A man hires him to find a green door, all that remains of a former “special house” in Glasgow from the early 1900s. Special, in this case, means one of those sigil and totem houses.

All the usual regulars from the Derek Adams stories are here: George, criminal and pub owner, and the two pub regulars, Jock and Andy.

A new character is tattooed old hippy, Bella.

Assisted by some tips from the concierge of the sigils and totems house he spent time in, Adams finds himself on the track of the now gone house and researching corruption in the Glasgow of a century in the past.

Another enjoyable Adams story, especially for Bella and the historical Glasgow bits and recommended for those who have enjoyed previous Adams stories.

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