After the Zap; or, Adventures in Reviewer Parallax

While I’m off reading things for the next post, I give you this Raw Feed of a book The Books That Time Forgot covered recently.

Raw Feed (1988): After the Zap, Michael Armstrong, 1987. 

Cover by Les Edwards

Admittedly this book might have been more humorous, engaging, and entertaining if I’d read it in big chunks instead of gnawing at it for over two weeks. 

I found it to be overly complicated and the description at times awkward and/or overdone and tedious. 

I found the last part of the book the best when Armstrong was most obviously constructing a political commentary/allegory. If he would have infused the rest of the story with that character, it would have been a better novel. 

Armstrong, like Dick, seems to have a good grasp of dialogue. He also pays homage to Dick with the references to The Man in the High Castle, and the final revelation of the narrator being the creator of the Zap bomb smacks of the Dick story I seem to remember reading about in which a robot discovers an A-bomb in his chest. 

Alfred Bester crops in with the Nukers proclaiming their desire to put everyone in charge of their destiny via personal possession of a nuke. This sounds like Gully Foyle giving PyRe to the masses. The Order of the Atom sounds van Vogtian.

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