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Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird fiction, and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. Related critical and biographical works are also indexed here. I have erred on the side of including borderline cases like contes cruels.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on the work. They may include spoilers.

“Low Res Scan” links take you to capsule reviews.

An index by author and editor for fantastic fiction exists.

La-Bas (Down There), J. K. Huysmans, trans. Keene Wallace. Review.

“The Labyrinth of Sleep”, Orrin Grey. Review.

“Lacunae”, William Meikle. Review.

“Lady in Waiting”, Mike Resnick. Raw Feed.

“Lady Lazarus”, Kathe Koja. (associational). Essay.

The Lady of Port Moresby Incident”, Alexander Jablokov. Raw Feed.

“The Lady of Summer”, William Meikle. Review.

“The Lake”, Ray Bradbury. Review.

“The Land Beyond the Blow”, Ambrose Bierce. Review.

“The Land Ironclads”, H. G. Wells. Raw Feed.

The Land Leviathan, Michael Moorcock. Raw Feed.

Land of Always-Night, Kenneth Robeson. Review.

Land of Long Juju, Kenneth Robeson. Review.

“The Land of Lonesomeness”, Sam Gafford. Review.

The Land of Terror, Kenneth Robeson. Review.

The Land That Time Forgot, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Review.

“Language of the City”, Thana Niveau. Review.

“La Reine D’Enfer”, Kathe Koja. Review.

“Larger Than Oneself”, Robert Aickman. Review.

“The Larkhill Barrow”, William Meikle. Review.

Last and First Men: A Story of the Near and Far Future, Olaf Stapledon. Raw Feed.

“The Last Article”, Harry Turtledove. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

“The Last Bastion”, Lawrence Watt-Evans. Review.

Last Call, Tim Powers. Raw Feed.

“The Last Defenders”, Carol Hightshoe. Review.

“Last Enemy”, H. Beam Piper. Raw Feed.

“Last Favor”, Harry Turtledove. Raw Feed.

“The Last Generation”, James Elroy Flecker. Review.

“The Last Hieroglyph”, Clark Ashton Smith. Raw Feed.

“The Last Incantation”, Clark Ashton Smith. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

“The Last Man in the Bar”, C. M. Kornbluth. Raw Feed.

“The Last Man Standing”, Ezeiyoke Chukwunonso. Review.

Last Man Through the Gate, Tim C. Taylor. Review.

Last Men in London, Olaf Stapledon. Raw Feed.

“The Last of All Suns”, John C. Wright. Review.

“The Last of the Masters”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“The Last of the Romantics”, John Keir Cross. Review.

“Last Orders”, Brian Aldiss. Raw Feed.

“The Last Page”, C.T. Phipps. Review.

“The Last Reunion”, Harry Turtledove. Raw Feed.

“The Last Satyr”, Theo Varlet, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“The Last Supper“, Brian Stableford. Raw Feed.

“The Last Test”, Adolphe de Castro [and H. P. Lovecraft]. Raw Feed.

“The Last Word in Mysteries”, William Hope Hodgson. (associational). Review.

“Last Words”, Richard Christian Matheson. Review.

“The Late Shift”, Dennis Etchison. Review.

“The Laughing Skull”, C.T. Phipps. Review.

“Laura Silver Bells”, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. Review.

“La Vie Continue”, Norman Spinrad. Raw Feed.

“Lawman”, Dan Fitzimons. Review.

“Lay Your Head on My Pilose”, Alan Dean Foster. Low Res Scan.

“Leapfrog”, James P. Hogan. Raw Feed.

“Leaving the Planet”, Andrew Weiner. Raw Feed.

“Legacies”, Tom Purdom. Review.

Legacy, Greg Bear. Review.

“The Legacy of Erich Zann”, Brian Stableford. Review.

The Legacy of Erich Zann and Other Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, Brian Stableford. (collection). Low Res Scan.

The Legacy of Heorot, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Steven Barnes. Raw Feed.

“The Legend of the White Elephant”, Auguste Villiers de L’Isle-Adam. Raw Feed.

Legends of the Dragon Cowboys.  (omnibus). Review.

“Leisure”, William Meikle. Review.

“Leng”, Marc Laidlaw. Review.

“Leng’s Labyrinth”, John DeLaughter. Review.

“Lenin in Odessa”, George Zebrowski. Raw Feed.

“The Lens of Time”, James Gunn. Raw Feed.

“Leslie Wood”, Anatole France, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“Les Mortes D’Arthur”, Harry Turtledove. Raw Feed.

“Lesser Demons”, Norman Partridge. Review.

“Lethary Fair”, Charles L. Harness. Raw Feed.

“Let Loose”, Mary Cholmondeley. Review.

Let Sleeping Gods Lie, David J. West. Review.

“The Letter from Mohaun Los”, Clark Ashton Smith. Review. Raw Feed.

“A Letter from St. Louis”, Allen Steele. Raw Feed.

“A Letter From the Pope”, Harry Harrison and Tom Shippey. Raw Feed.

“A Letter from the President to Incoming Students”, Stefan Dziemianowicz. Raw Feed.

“Letters”, Michael Bray. Review.

“The Letters of Cold Fire”, Manly Wade Wellman. Review.

Letters to James F. Morton, H. P. Lovecraft; eds. David E. Schultz and S. T. Joshi. (nonfiction). Review.

“Let There Be Light”, Robert A. Heinlein. Review.

“Let Time Shape”, George Zebrowski. Raw Feed.

“Letter to the Editor”, Alexander Jablokov. Raw Feed.

“The Liberation of Earth”, William Tenn. Raw Feed.

Liberty: 1784, Robert Conroy. Review.

“The Library Twins and the Nekrobees”, Martha Hubbard. Review.

“Liebstraum”, John Keir Cross. Review.

“The Lies We Tell”, Charlotte Bond. Review.

“The Life”, Dakota Brown. Review.

“Life Edit”, Damon Knight. Raw Feed.

“Life in the Extreme”, David Brin. Raw Feed.

“Life-Line”, Robert A. Heinlein. Review.

“A Life on the Borderland”, Sam Gafford. (nonfiction). Review.

“Lifework”, Mary Soon Lee. Raw Feed.

“The Lighthouse”, Barbara Fradkin. Review.

“The Lighthouse”, Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Bloch. Review.

Lightless, C. A. Higgins. Review.

“The Light of the Earth as Seen from Tartarus”, Annie Bellet. Review.

“Lincoln’s Charge”, Bill Fawcett. Raw Feed.

“Lindsay and the Red City Cross”, Joe Haldeman. Review.

“Line of Dichotomy”, Chris Roberson. Review.

“Lions”, Bernardo Ferñandez. Review.

“The Lions Are Asleep This Night”, Howard Waldrop. Raw Feed.

“Lion Time in Timbuctoo”, Robert Silverberg. Review.

“Liquid Assets”, Dean Ing. Raw Feed.

The Listeners, James E. Gunn. Raw Feed.

A Litany of Earth, Ruthanna Emrys. Raw Feed.

“A Literary Life” [William Hope Hodgson]. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

“Literary Lives”, Kathe Koja and Barry Malzberg. Essay.

“The Little Black Bag”, C. M. Kornbluth. Raw Feed.

“The Little Black Box”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed. Review.

Little Fuzzy, H. Beam Piper. Review.

“The Little Goddess”, Ian McDonald. Review.

“The Little God of Agony”, Stephen King. Review.

Little Heroes, Norman Spinrad. Raw Feed.

“The Little House”, John Keir Cross. Review.

“A Little Job in Arkham”, John Sunseri. Review.

“Little Old Miss Macbeth”, Fritz Leiber. Review.

“The Little Movement”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

“The Little Sailboat”, James Gunn. Review.

“A Little Something for Us Tempunauts”, Philp K. Dick. Review.

“The Littlest Jackal”, Bruce Sterling. Raw Feed.

“Little Victories: The Heartfelt Fictions of Philip K. Dick”, Brian Stableford. (nonfiction). Review.

“Little Watcher”, Brett Davidson. Review.

“The Lives and Loves of Tiarella Rosa”, Peter F. Hamilton. Raw Feed.

Living Alone, Stella Benson. Review. Essay.

“Living the Dream”, William Meikle. Review.

“Living Will”, Alexander Jablokov. Raw Feed.

“Locked in the Slaughterhouse: The Novels of Kurt Vonnegut”, Brian Stableford. (nonfiction). Review.

“Loco”, Gerald E. Sheagren. Review.

Logan’s Run, William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. Low Res Scan.

Logan’s Search, William F. Nolan. Low Res Scan.

Logan’s World, William F. Nolan. Low Res Scan.

“A Logic Named Joe”, Murray Leinster. Raw Feed.

“LOKI 7281”, Roger Zelazny. Raw Feed.

“London Bone”, Michael Moorcock. Review.

The London Project, Mark J. Maxwell. Review.

“The Lonely Planet”, Murray Leinster. Raw Feed.

“Lone Star Jackson — Outlaw”, Lyn McConchie. Review.

“Lone Star Planet”, H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire. Review.

“The Long Apocalypse: The Experimental Eschatologies of H. G. Wells and William Hope Hodgson”, Brett Davidson. (nonfiction). Review.

“The Longest Voyage”, Poul Anderson. Raw Feed.

“Long Eyes”, Jeff Carlson. Review.

Long Eyes and Other Stories, ed. Jeff Carlson. (collection). Review.

“Long Night in Little China”, Joel Jenkins. Review.

“A Long Night’s Vigil at the Temple”, Robert Silverberg. Review.

“Long Stay”, Ian Watson. Review.

“A Long Way From Name Pending”, Henry Ram. Review.

“Looking for the Fountain”, Robert Silverberg. Raw Feed. Review.

“Loose Cannon”, Susan Schwartz. Raw Feed.

“Loose Connections”, Finn Clarke. Review.

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, H. Beam Piper. Raw Feed.

Lord of Light, Roger Zelazny. Review.

Lord of Spiders, Michael Moorcock. Raw Feed.

Lord of the Green Planet, Emil Petaja. Review.

“Lord of the Land”, Gene Wolfe. Review.

“Lorelei of the Red Mist”, Ray Bradbury and Leigh Brackett. Review.

“Losenof Express”, Mark Samuels. Review.

The Lost Airship, Joseph Robert Lewis. Review.

“The Lost Club”, Arthur Machen. Review.

“The Lost Continent”, Norman Spinrad. Raw Feed. Essay.

Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth, Richard Shaver and Richard Hatcher Childress. (anthology, nonfiction). Review.

“Lost in Translation”, Dean Ing. Raw Feed.

The Lost Oasis, Kenneth Robeson. Review.

“Lost Pine”, Jacob A. Boyd. Review.

“The Lost Pioneer: The Science Fiction of Stanley G. Weinbaum”, Brian Stableford. (nonfiction). Review.

“Lost Sheep”, Neil Williamson. Review.

“Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel”, Michael Moorcock. Review.

“Lot”, Ward Moore. Raw Feed.

“Lottie Versus the Moon Hopper”, Pamela Rentz. Review.

“Love and Death”, Reggie Oliver. Review.

“Love and Death and the Star That Shall Not Be Named: Kom’s Story”, James Gunn. Review.

Lovecraft Unbound, ed. Ellen Datlow. (anthology). Review.

“The Loved Dead”, C. M. Eddy, Jr. [and H. P. Lovecraft]. Raw Feed.

“Love for Who Speaks”, Shibata Yoshiki. Raw Feed.

“Love Hungry Girls of Japan”, Nick Thomas [Robert Silverberg]. (associational). Review.

“Love in the Balance”, David D. Levine. Review.

“The Lovely Ardiane’s Secret”, Auguste Villiers de L’Isle-Adam. Raw Feed.

“A Lovely Little Christmas Fire”, Jeff Carlson. Review.

“The Love of the Natural”, Auguste Villiers de L’Isle-Adam. Raw Feed.

“Love Our Lockwood”, Janet Kagan. Raw Feed.

“The Lovers”, John Keir Cross. Review.

Lovers & Fighters, Starships & Dragons, Tom Purdom. (collection). Review.

“The Lovers of Toledo”, Auguste Villiers de L’Isle-Adam. Raw Feed.

“Lowland Sea”, Suzee McKee Charnas. Review.

Low Noon: Tales of Horror & Dark Fantasy from the Weird Weird West, ed. David B. Riley. (anthology). Review.

“Low the Ascomycotan Sky”, Deborah Walker. Review.

“Loyalty of a Thousand Years”, Wendy N. Wagner. Review.

“The Luckiest Man in Denv”, C. M. Kornbluth. Raw Feed.

“The Lucky Strike”, Kim Stanley Robinson. Raw Feed.

“Lucidity”, William Meikle. Review.

“Lull”, Kelly Link. Review.

“Lullaby”, Grant Palmquist. Review.

Lunar Justice, Charles L. Harness. Raw Feed.

“The Lunatics”, Kim Stanley Robinson. Raw Feed.

“Lunching with the Antichrist”, Michael Moorcock. Raw Feed.

“Lucie’s Persistence”, Frederic Boutet, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“Lure”, Harry Turtledove. Raw Feed.

Lurid Dreams, Charles L. Harness. Raw Feed.

“The Lurking Fear”, H. P. Lovecraft. Raw Feed.

“The Lusitania“, William Meikle. Review.

“The Lusitania Waits”, Alfred Noyes. Review.