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Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird fiction, and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. Related critical and biographical works are also indexed here. I have erred on the side of including borderline cases like contes cruels.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on the work. They may include spoilers.

“Low Res Scan” links take you to capsule reviews.

An index by author and editor for fantastic fiction exists.

“The Pain Peddlars”, Robert Silverberg. Review.

“The Palace at Midnight”, Robert Silverberg. Review.

Pandora’s Star, Peter F. Hamilton. Raw Feed.

“The Pangaean Principle”, Jack Nimersheim. Low Res Scan.

“The Panther”, Rachilde, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“Paper Trail”, Brian M. Thomsen. Raw Feed.

“The Parade”, Steven Popkes. Raw Feed.

“Paradigm Lost”, R. A. Conine. Review.

“The Paradise Aperture”, David Carani. Review.

The Paradox Men, Charles L. Harness. Raw Feed.

Paratime, ed. John F. Carr. (collection). Raw Feed.

“The Pardoner’s Tale”, Robert Silverberg. Raw Feed.

“Paris Conquers All”, Gregory Benford and David Brin. Raw Feed.

“The Paris Deluge”, Pierre Veron, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“The Parrot”, Clark Ashton Smith. (associational). Review.

“A Particular Strain of Constructive Thought: Hodgson’s Trilogy of Novels”, Joseph Hinton. (nonfiction). Review.

“Parting Sorrows”, Grant Palmquist. Review.

“The Part of Us That Loves”, Kim Stanley Robinson. Raw Feed.

“Partners”, Robert J. Randis. Raw Feed.

“Pas de Deux”, Kathe Koja. Essay. Review.

“Passage to Shola”, Lisanne Norman. Review.

“Passengers”, Robert Silverberg. Review.

“The Passing of the Western”, Howard Waldrop. Raw Feed.

“Passing Spirits”, Sam Gafford. Review.

The Pastel City, M. John Harrison. Review.

“The Path of the Transgressor”, Tom Purdom. Review.

“Patient 704”, Mark Samuels. Review.

“Patient Zero“, Tananarive Due. Raw Feed.

“Patriot’s Dream”, Tappan King.  Raw Feed.

“Pattern Masters”, Jeff Carlson. Review.

“The Patter of Tiny Feet”, Richard Gavin. Review.

Pavane, Keith Roberts. Raw Feed.

“Paved with Good Intentions”, William Meikle. Review.

“Pax Galactica”, Ralph Williams. Raw Feed.

“Paycheck”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“Paymon’s Trio”, Colette De Curzon. Review.

“Pazuzu’s Children”, Jeffrey Thomas. Review.

“The Peddler’s Nose”, Jack Williamson. Review.

“The Pedigreed Stallion”, Anne McCaffrey. Review.

“Pele’s Bee-Keeper”, Annie Bellet. Review.

“The Pensive Lady”, Remy de Gourmont, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

Pentacle, William Meikle. Review.

The Penultimate Truth, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“The People”, G. W. Thomas. Review.

“People Are Reading What You Are Writing”, Luso Mnthali. Review.

The People That Time Forgot, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Review.

“The People Trap”, Robert Sheckley. Review.

“Perfectibility”, Charles Nodier, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“Perfect Skin”, David Witteveen. Review.

“The Perfect Woman”, Clark Ashton Smith. (associational). Review.

“Perihesperon”, Greg Bear. Review.

“The Peril of the Mine”, William Hope Hodgson. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

“Permafrost”, Roger Zelazny. Raw Feed.

“Persistence of Memory”, Jason V. Bock. Review.

“The Persistence of Memory”, William Meikle. Review.

“Personal Devil”, Joel Jenkins. Review.

The Peshawar Lancers, S. M. Stirling. Raw Feed.

“Pete’s Peat”, Ethan Nahte. Low Res Scan.

“Petohtalrayn”, Bentley Little. Review.

“Petra”, Greg Bear. Review.

“Petronella Pan”, John Keir Cross. Review.

“Petting Zoo”, Gene Wolfe. Review.

“The Phantom Farmhouse”, Seabury Quinn. Review.

“The Phantom of the Barbary Coast”, Frank M. Robinson. Review.

“Phantom Pain”, Eileen Gunn. Review.

“Phantom Payment”, William Meikle. Review.

“The Phantoms of the Fire”, Clark Ashton Smith. Low Res Scan.

“The Philosophy of Relative Existences”, Frank R. Stockton. Review.

“Phoenix”, Clark Ashton Smith. Review.

Phoenix in Obsidian, Michael Moorcock. Raw Feed.

“The Photographer’s Friend”, William Meikle. Review.

“Photophobia”, Mauricio Montiel Figueiras. Review.

“Physical Culture: A Talk with an Expert” [William Hope Hodgson]. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

“Physical Culture Versus Recreative Exercise”, William Hope Hodgson. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

“The Pickers”, Melanie Tem. Review.

“Pickman’s Model”, H. P. Lovecraft. Raw Feed.

“Pickman’s Other Model (1929)”, Caitlin R. Kiernan. Review.

“The Pikesville Buffalo”, Glen Hirshberg. Review.

A Pilgrim Stranger, Mark Samuels. (associational). Review.

“Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire”, Harry Turtledove. Raw Feed.

“The Pilot”, Joe Haldeman. Review.

“The Pi Man”, Alfred Bester. Raw Feed.

“Pink Lemonade”, Liliana V. Blum. Review.

“Pioneering Essays”, [H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, H. C. Koenig, August Derleth, Fritz Leiber]. (nonfiction). Review.

“The Pipe”, Israel Finn. Review.

“Pipeline to Pluto”, Murray Leinster. Raw Feed.

“Piper in the Woods”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“The Pipes of Pan”, Brian Stableford. Review.

“A Pirate Fog”, Sam Knight. Review.

Pirate Utopia, Bruce Sterling. Review.

“The Pisces Club”, James Ambuehl. Review.

“The Place of No Shadows”, Alexander Jablokov. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

“Plagiarists of the Thunder”, Auguste Villiers de L’Isle-Adam. Raw Feed.

“Plague City”, Matthew Milson. Review.

The Plague Forge, Jason M. Hough. Review.

“The Plague-Man”, Jean Richepin, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

A Plague of All Cowards, William Barton. Review.

“The Plague of St. James Infirmary”, Asamatsu Ken. Raw Feed.

Plague War, Jeff Carlson. Review.

Plague Year, Jeff Carlson. Review.

Plague Zone, Jeff Carlson. Review.

“Planet for Transients”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“The Planet of the Dead”, Clark Ashton Smith. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

“Planet of the Sealies”, Jeff Carlson. Review.

“The Plans of the Reefing Bi-Plane”, William Hope Hodgson. (associational). Low Res Scan.

“Plan 10 from Inner Space”, Karl Edward Wagner. Raw Feed.

“A Platonic Engagement”, Clark Ashton Smith. (associational). Review.

“The Plattner Story”, H. G. Wells. Raw Feed.

“The Plausibility of the Impossible”, Brian Stableford. (nonfiction). Review.

“Playing Chess with the Bishop”, Steven Popkes and David Alexander Smith. Raw Feed.

“The Play’s the Thing”, Christie Golden. Raw Feed.

“The Pleasure of Their Company”, Robert Silverberg. Review.

“Plenty of Irem”, Jonathan Thomas. Essay.

“Plot 264”, Darren Todd. Low Res Scan.

“Plowshare”, Martha Soukup. Raw Feed.

“Plucked From the Beginning”, Robert Duncan Milne. Raw Feed.

Plum Rains, Andromeda Romano-Lax. Review.

“The Plum Rains Fall”, Miyuke Miyabe. Review.

The Plurality of Imaginary Worlds: The Evolution of French Roman Scientifique, Brian Stableford. (nonfiction). Review.

“The Plutonian Drug”, Clark Ashton Smith. Review.

Poe: 19 New Tales of Terror Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, ed. Ellen Datlow. (anthology). Review.

“THE POET VS. THE STONEMASON; or, Why Not a New Market for Poetry?”, William Hope Hodgson. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

“Poetry and the Gods”, H. P. Lovecraft and Helen Anna Crofts. Raw Feed.

“Point of No Contact”, David Abnett. Review.

“Polaris”, H. P. Lovecraft. Raw Feed.

“Police Operation”, H. Beam Piper. Raw Feed.

“Polly and Johnny”, Lyn McConchie. Review.

“Poltarnees, Behold of Ocean”, Lord Dunsany. Review.

“The Poly Islands”, Gerald Warfield. Review.

“The Pond”, Nigel Kneale. Review.

“Ponies”, Kij Johnson. Review.

“Poor Little Warrior!”, Brian Aldiss. Raw Feed.

“Poor Superman”, Fritz Leiber. Review.

“Pope Jacynth”, Vernon Lee. Review.

“The Pope of the Chimps”, Robert Silverberg. Review.

“The Possessed”, Jean Lorrain, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“Postflesh”, Paul Jessup. Review.

Posthumous Correspondence (excerpt), Restif de la Bretonne, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“Pothunters”, Ann K. Schwader. Review.

“The Power”, Murray Leinster. Raw Feed.

Power Games: Operation Enduring Unity 1, Richard Peters. Review.

“The Power of Time”, Josephine Saxton. Review.

“The Powers of Observation”, Harry Harrison. Review.

“Power to the People”, Jerry Pournelle. Raw Feed.

“The Prayer of Ninety Cats”, Caitlin R. Kiernan. Review.

“The Preacher”, David B. Riley. Review.

“Precious Artifact”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed. Review.

“Preface” [The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 1: The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford], Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“Preface” [Final Blackout], L. Ron Hubbard. Raw Feed.

“The ‘Prenctices’ Mutiny”, William Hope Hodson. (associational). Review.

“The Pre-Persons”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed. Review.

“A Present for Pat”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“The Preserving Machine”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

“President-Elect”, Mark Aronson. Raw Feed.

“The President Without Organs”, Pepe Rojo. Review.

“Press Enter”, John Varley. Raw Feed.

“Pressure”, Guy Anthony De Marco. Review.

“Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes”, Harlan Ellison. Review.

“The Price of Civilization”, Charles Sheffield. Raw Feed.

“Prima Belladona”, J. G. Ballard. Raw Feed.

“The Primal City”, Clark Ashton Smith. Raw Feed.

“Prince Alcouz and the Magician”, Clark Ashton Smith. Review.

Prince of Mercenaries, Jerry Pournelle. Raw Feed.

Prince of Sparta, Jerry Pournelle and S. M. Stirling. Raw Feed.

“Prince Pat”, George Alec Effinger. Raw Feed.

“Prision Inquieta”, John Paul Rai. Review.

“Prism”, Julie E. Czerneda. Review.

“A Prism of Darkness”, Darrell Schweitzer. Review.

“The Prisoner from Beyond”, Matthew Davenport. Review.

“The Prisoner of Shalott”, Lawrence Watt-Evans. Review.

“Prize Shop”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

The Probability Broach, L. Neil Smith. Review.

“Probable Cause”, Charles L. Harness. Raw Feed.

“Procrustes”, Larry Niven. Review.

“The Profession of Science Fiction”, Brian Stableford. (nonfiction). Review.

“Professor Bakermann’s Microbe”, Charles Epheyre. Review.

“Professor Pownall’s Oversight”, H. R. Wakefield. Review.

“Progeny”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“Project: Earth”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“Project Nightmare”, Robert A. Heinlein. Review.

“Projects”, Geoffrey A. Landis. Raw Feed.

“Prologue” [1816: The Year Without Summer], Dickon Springate. Review.

“Prominent Author”, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

“The Promise”, William Hope Hodgson. Review.

“The Proper Study of Mankind”, J. E. Pournelle. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Prophet of Bones, Ted Kosmatka. Review.

Prophets: Apotheosis: Book One, S. Andrew Swann. Review.

“Prose Bowl”, Bill Pronzini and Barry N. Malzberg. Review.

“Protected Environment”, H. A. Hargreaves. Review.

The Proteus Operation, James P. Hogan. Review.

Proteus Combined, Charles Sheffield. (omnibus). Review.

Proteus in the Underworld, Charles Sheffield. Review.

Proteus Unbound, Charles Sheffield. Review.

“Provenance Unknown”, Stephen Woodworth. Review.

“Providence”, Paul di Filippo. Review.

“The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World”, Harlan Ellison. Review.

“Proxima Centauri”, Murray Leinster. Raw Feed.

The Prozess Manifestations, Mark Samuels. (collection). Essay.

“The Prying Investigations of Edwin M. Lillibridge”, Robert M. Price. Review.

“A Psychological Shipwreck”, Ambrose Bierce. Review.

“Psylla, the Gold-Eater”, X. B. Saintine, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

“The Pugnacious Peacemaker”, Harry Turtledove. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Pulling Through, Dean Ing. Raw Feed.

“Pulsate”, Espi Kvlt. Review.

“Pump Six”, Paolo Bacigalupi. Review.

“Punch”, Frederik Pohl. Review.

“A Punishment to Fit the Crimes”, Richard A. Gordon. Review.

“Pure Silver”, A. C. Crispin and Kathleen O’ Malley. Raw Feed.

“Purity”, Thomas Ligotti. Review.

“Push No More”, Robert Silverberg. Review.

The Quintessence of August: A Romance of Possession, Brian Stableford. Review.