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Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird stories and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. It also includes related critical and biographical works.

“Low Res Scan” links to you to reviews which may not cover the entire contents of a book.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on a work.

“Essay” links are to long review pieces with spoilers.

A title index to fantastic fiction reviews exists.

Dakan, Rick. “Correlated Discontents”. Review.

D’Ammassa, Don. “Drawn Out”. Review.

Daniel, Tony. “The Valley of the Gardens”. Review.

Danniel, K. C. “Journal of Able Seaman Garrick”. Review.

Danville, Gaston. “The Dark Angel”. Review.

Dare, M. P. “The Demoniac Goat”. Review.

Datlow, Ellen. Lovecraft Unbound. (anthology). Review.

Poe: 19 New Tales of Terror Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe. (anthology). Review.

Daudet, Leon. The Napus: The Great Plague of the Year 2227. Review.

Davenport, Matthew. “Andrew Doran and the Crawling Chaos”. Review.

— “Andrew Doran and the Journey to the Serpent Temple”. Review.

— “The Forever Gate”. Review.

— “The Prisoner from Beyond”. Review.

— “Time Trapped”. Review.

Davenport, Matthew and C.T. Phipps. Tales of the Al-Azif: A Cthulhu Mythos Anthology. (anthology). Review.

Davenport, Matthew and David Hambling, Byron Craft, and John A. DeLaughter. “Epilogue: A Stitch in Time”. Review.

Davidson, Avram. “The Golem”. Review.

Davidson, Brett. “The Astronomer”. Review.

— “Eikon”. Review.

— “Imago”. Review.

— “Little Watcher”. Review.

— “The Long Apocalypse: The Experimental Eschatologies of H. G. Wells and William Hope Hodgson”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Meanwhile, She Dreams”. Review.

— “Minotaur”. Review.

— “Terminal Eden: The Last Redoubt and the Closure of History”. (nonfiction). Review.

Davidson, John. “The Salvation of Nature”. Review.

— “A Somewhat Surprising Chapter”. Review.

Davies, David Stuart. The Casebook of Carnacki — the Ghost-Finder.  (collection). Review.

Davis, Brett. Bone Wars. Raw Feed.

Two Tiny Claws. Raw Feed.

Davis, Chad. “The Aristocrat”. Raw Feed.

Davis, Chandler. “To Still the Drums”. Raw Feed.

Davis, J. Madison. “Dinner with Mamalou”. Review.

Dawson, Emma Francis. “An Itinerant House”. Review.

Dean, Claire. “The Unwish”. Review.

Dean, Sherri and Bill D. Allen. “Clay Allison and the Haunted Head”. Review.

Debans, Camille. “The Conqueror of Death”, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

— “The Story of an Earthquake”, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

DeBill, Jr., Walter C. “Where Yidhra Walks”. Raw Feed.

de Bodard, Aliette. “The Bleeding Man”. Review.

de Camp, L. Sprague. “Aristotle and the Gun”. Raw Feed.

— “Nothing in the Rules”. Review. Review.

— “The Round-Eyed Barbarians”. Raw Feed.

— “The Wheels of If”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

de Castro, Adolphe [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “The Electric Executioner”. Raw Feed.

— “The Last Test”. Raw Feed.

DeChancie, John. “The Richmond Enigma”. Review.

De Curzon, Colette. “Paynom’s Trio”. Review.

Dedman, Stephen. “The Devotee”. Raw Feed.

de Ghelderode. Michel. “A Twilight”. Review.

de Gourmont, Remy. “Danaette”. Review.

— “Don Juan’s Secret”. Review.

— “The Faun”. Review.

— “The Pensive Lady”. Review.

d’Hervilly, Ernest. “Josuah Electrimann”. Review.

Deis, Robert and Wyatt Doyle. “Adventurous Beginnings”.

Exotic Adventures of Robert Silverberg. (associational). Review.

Delaplace, Barbara. “Freedom”. Raw Feed.

— “No Other Place”. Raw Feed.

DeLaughter, John. “Leng’s Labyrinth”. Review.

DeLaughter, John A. “The Terror Out of Time”. Review.

DeLaughter, John A. and David Hambling, Byron Craft, and Matthew Davenport. “Epilogue: A Stitch in Time”. Review.

de Lautrec, Gabriel. “Sonia’s Soul”. Review.

Delarue-Mardrus, Lucie. “The Archangel in the Cabaret”. Review.

de L’Isle-Adam, Auguste Villiers., trans. Brian Stableford. “Akedysseril”. Raw Feed.

— “The Better Love”. Raw Feed.

— “Catalina”. Raw Feed.

— “The Celestial Adventure”. Raw Feed.

— “The Disquietor”. Raw Feed.

— “Doctor Tribulat Bonhomet’s Motion Regarding the Utilization of Earthquakes. Raw Feed.

— “The Elect of Dreams”. Raw Feed.

— “Epilogue: The Marvelous Visions of Doctor Tribulat Bonhomet”. Raw Feed.

— “Etna in One’s Own Home”. Raw Feed.

— “The Eventualists’ Banquet”. Raw Feed.

— “The Heroism of Doctor Hallidonhill”. Raw Feed.

— “The Jeu-des-Grâces”. Raw Feed.

— “The Legend of the White Elephant”. Raw Feed.

— “The Lovely Ardiane’s Secret”. Raw Feed.

— “The Love of the Natural”. Raw Feed.

— “The Lovers of Toledo”. Raw Feed.

— “Milton’s Daughters”. Raw Feed.

— “The Modern Legend”. Raw Feed.

— “Monsieur Redoux Phantasms”. Raw Feed.

— “A New Profession”. Raw Feed.

— “Plagiarists of the Thunder”. Raw Feed.

— “The Right of the Past”. Raw Feed.

The Scaffold and Other Cruel Tales. Raw Feed.

— “The Schoolfriends”. Raw Feed.

— “The Secret of the Scaffold”. Raw Feed.

— “Sister Natalia”. Raw Feed.

— “The Stake”. Raw Feed.

— “Sublime Love”. Raw Feed.

— “Sylvabel”. Raw Feed.

— “A Tale of the End of Summer”. Raw Feed.

— “That Mahoin!”. Raw Feed.

— “Tse-i-la’s Adventure”. Raw Feed.

— “The Vampire Soul (Claire Lenoir)”. Raw Feed.

— The Vampire Soul and Other Sardonic Tales. (collection). Raw Feed.

Deitz, William C. “The Bodyguard and the Client Who Wouldn’t Die”. Review.

DeLake, Kris. A Spy to Die For. Review.

de la Mare, Walter. “Seaton’s Aunt”. Review.

Delany, Samuel R. Dhalgren. Review.

— “We, in Some Strange Power’s Employ, Move on a Rigorous Line”. Raw Feed.

Delicious Tacos. Finally, Some Good News. Review.

De Marco, Guy Anthony. “Pressure”. Review.

de Maupassant, Guy. “The Hand”. Review.

— “The Horla”. Review.

Dempsey, Martin. “Introduction” [War Stories from the Future]. Review.

de Nerval, Gerard. “The Green Monster”. Review.

Derleth, August. “Beyond the Threshold”. Review.

— “The Dark Brotherhood”. Review.

— “The Dweller in Darkness”. Review.

— “Pioneering Essays”. (nonfiction). Review.

Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, Volume 1. (anthology). Review.

Tales of the Cthulhu Mythos, Volume 2. (anthology). Review.

Derleth, August and H. P. Lovecraft. “Witches’ Hollow”. Review.

Derleth, August, H. P. Lovecraft, and Donald Wandrei. Selected Letters I. 1911-1924. Review.

de Saunier, Louis Baudry. “How Paris was destroyed in six hours on Easter Sunday, 20 April 1924”. Review.

Devereaux, Robert. “The Slobbering Tongue That Ate the Frightfully, Huge Woman”. Raw Feed.

DiChario, Nicholas A. “Giving Head”. Low Res Scan.

— “Whilst Slept the Sauropod”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Winterberry”. Raw Feed.

Dick, Philip K. “Adjustment Team”. Raw Feed.

— “Afterword” [The Golden Man]. Raw Feed.

— “The Alien Mind”. Review.

— “Autofac”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “Beyond Lies the Wub”. Raw Feed.

— “Beyond the Door”. Raw Feed.

— “The Builder”. Raw Feed.

— “Breakfast at Twilight”. Raw Feed.

— “Cadbury, the Beaver Who Lacked”. Review.

— “Captive Market”. Review.

— “Chains of Air, Web of Aether”. Review.

— Clans of the Alphane Moon. Raw Feed.

— The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 1: The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford. (collection). Raw Feed.

— The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 2: We Can Remember It for You Wholesale. (collection). Raw Feed.

— The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 3: Second Variety. (collection). Review.

The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 4: The Minority Report. (collection). Review.

— The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 5: The Eye of the Sibyl. (collection). Review.

— “Colony”. Raw Feed.

— “The Commuter”. Raw Feed.

— “The Cookie Lady”. Raw Feed.

— “The Cosmic Poachers”. Raw Feed.

— The Cosmic Puppets. Raw Feed.

— “The Crystal Crypt”. Raw Feed.

— “The Day Mr. Computer Fell Out of Its Tree”. Review.

— “The Days of Perky Pat”. Review.

— “The Defenders”. Raw Feed.

— Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. Raw Feed.

— “The Electric Ant”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “The Exit Door Leads In”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “Expandable”. Raw Feed.

— “Explorers We”. Review.

— Eye in the Sky. Raw Feed.

— “The Eye of the Sibyl”. Review.

— “Fair Game”. Review.

— “Faith of Our Fathers”. Review.

— “The Father-Thing”. Review.

— “Foster, You’re Dead”. Review.

— “Frozen Journey”. Raw Feed.

— “A Game of Unchance”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “The Golden Man”. Review. Raw Feed.

— The Golden Man. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “The Great C”. Raw Feed.

— “The Gun”. Raw Feed.

— “The Hood Maker”. Raw Feed.

— “Holy Quarrel”. Review.

— “Human Is”. Raw Feed.

— “If There Were No Benny Cemoli”. Review.

— “I Hope I Shall Arrive Soon”. Review.

— “The Impossible Planet”. Raw Feed.

— “Imposter”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “The Indefatigable Frog”. Raw Feed.

— “The Infinites”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [The Golden Man]. Raw Feed.

— “James P. Crow”. Raw Feed.

— “Jon’s World”. Raw Feed.

— “The King of the Elves”. Raw Feed.

— “The Last of the Masters”. Raw Feed.

— “The Little Black Box”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “The Little Movement”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “A Little Something for Us Tempunauts”. Review.

The Man in the High Castle. Raw Feed.

— “Martians Come in Clouds”. Raw Feed.

— Martian Time-Slip. Raw Feed.

— A Maze of Death. Raw Feed.

— “Meddler”. Raw Feed.

— “The Minority Report”. Review.

— “The Mold of Yancy”. Raw Feed.

— “Mr. Spaceship”. Raw Feed.

— “Nanny”. Raw Feed.

— “Not By Its Cover”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “Novelty Act”. Review.

— “Null-O”. Review.

— “Of Withered Apples”. Raw Feed.

— “Oh, To Be a Blobel!”. Review.

— “Orpheus with Clay Feet”. Review.

— Our Friends from Frolix 8. Raw Feed.

— “Out in the Garden”. Raw Feed.

— “Paycheck”. Raw Feed.

— The Penultimate Truth. Raw Feed.

— “Piper in the Woods”. Raw Feed.

— “Planet for Transients”. Raw Feed.

— “Precious Artifact”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “Preface” [The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 1: The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford]. Raw Feed.

— “The Pre-Persons”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “A Present for Pat”. Raw Feed.

— “The Preserving Machine”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “Prize Shop”. Raw Feed.

— “Progeny”. Raw Feed.

— “Project: Earth”. Raw Feed.

— “Prominent Author”. Raw Feed.

— “Rautavaara’s Case”. Review.

— “Recall Mechanism”. Review.

— “Return Match”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “Roog”. Raw Feed.

— “Sales Pitch”. Review. Raw Feed.

A Scanner Darkly. Review.

— “Second Variety”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “Service Call”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “Shell Game”. Review.

— “The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford”. Raw Feed.

— ThSimulacra. Raw Feed.

— “The Skull”. Raw Feed.

— “Small Town”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— Solar Lottery. Raw Feed.

— “Some Kinds of Life”. Raw Feed.

— “Souvenir”. Raw Feed.

— “Stability”. Raw Feed.

— “Stand-By”. Review.

— “The Story to End All Stories for Harlan Ellison’s Anthology Dangerous Visions“. Review.

— “Strange Memories of Death”. Review.

— “A Surface Raid”. Raw Feed.

— “Survey Team”. Raw Feed.

— “A Terran Odyssey”. Review.

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. Review.

— Time Out of Joint. Raw Feed.

— “To Serve the Masters”. Raw Feed.

— “The Trouble with Bubbles”. Raw Feed.

Ubik, Philip K. Dick. Raw Feed.

— “The Unreconstructed M”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “Upon the Dull Earth”. Review.

— “The Variable Man”. Raw Feed.

— “War Game”. Raw Feed.

— “War Veteran”. Review.

— “The War with the Fnools”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “Waterspider”. Review.

— We Can Build You. Raw Feed.

— “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale”. Raw Feed.

— “What’ll We Do with Ragland Park?”. Review.

The World Jones Made. Review.

— “A World of Veteran”. Review.

— “The World She Wanted”. Raw Feed.

— “Your Appointment Will Be Yesterday”. Review.

— The Zap Gun. Raw Feed.

Dickens, Charles. A Christmas Carol. Review.

— “The Signal-Man”. Review.

Dickson, Gordon R. Dorsai!. Essay.

Dickson, Gordon R. and Poul Anderson. Earthman’s Burden. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Full Pack (Hokas Wild)”. Raw Feed.

Hoka!. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Joy in Mudville”. Raw Feed.

Di Filippo, Paul. “iCity”. Review.

— “Providence”. Review.

Di Filippo, Paul and Rudy Rucker. “Instability”. Raw Feed.

Dixon, Terry. “Hate Is a Sandpaper Ice Cube with Polka Dots of Love on It”. Review.

Doctorow, Cory. “Beat Me Daddy (Eight to the Bar)”. Review.

— “Visit the Sins”. Raw Feed.

Dodge, Ralph C. “Empty Houses”. Review.

Donaldson, Stephen R. “Animal Lover”. Review.

Dooks, S. “Sacrament”. Review.

Dorr, James S. “Dark of the Moon”. Review.

— “Seeds”. Low Res Scan.

Downum, Amanda. “The Tenderness of Jackals”. Review.

Dowson, Ernest. “Absinthia Taetra”. Review.

— “The Dying of Francis Donne”. Review.

Doyle, Arthur Conan. “The Horror of the Heights”. Review. Review.

— “Through the Veil”. Review.

Doyle, Debra and James D. Macdonald. “Now and in the Hour of Death”. Raw Feed.

Doyle, Tom. “While Ireland Holds These Graves”. Review.

Doyle, Wyatt and Robert Deis. “Adventurous Beginnings”. Review.

Exotic Adventures of Robert Silverberg. Review

Dozois, Gardner and Jonathan Strahan. The New Space Opera. (anthology). Review.

Dozois, Gardner and Stanley Schmidt. Roads Not Taken: Tales of Alternate History. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Drake, David. Old Nathan. Review.

Ranks of Bronze. Review.

Due, Tananarive. “Patient Zero”. Raw Feed.

Duffy, Steve. “The Oram County Whoosit”. Review.

Dunan, Renee. “Kaschmir, The Pleasure-Garden”, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

— “Metal”, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

The Ultimate Pleasure, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

The Ultimate Pleasure and Other Stories, trans. Brian Stableford. (collection). Review.

Dunphey, C. P. “Esoteric Tides”. Review.

Dunsany, Lord. “Bethmoora”. Review.

— “The Death of Pan”. Review.

— “The Hoard of the Gibbelins”. Review.

— “The King That Was Not”. Review.

— “Poltarnees, Beholder of Ocean”. Review.

— “The Sword of Welleran”. Review.

— “The Tomb of Pan”. Review.

Dunyach, Jean-Claude. “Unraveling the Thread”. Raw Feed.

Durbin, Frederic. “A Fire in Shandria”. Review.

— “Someplace Cool and Dark”. Review.

— “The Writing of ‘Someplace Cool and Dark'”. (nonfiction). Review.

Dyalhis, Nictzin. “When the Green Star Waned”. Review.

Dybing, Gabe. “The Ash-Wood of Celestial Flame”. Review.

Dyer, S. N. “The Nostalginauts”. Review.

Dziemianowicz, Stefan. “A Letter from the President to Incoming Students”. Raw Feed.