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Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird stories and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. It also includes related critical and biographical works.

“Low Res Scan” links to you to reviews which may not cover the entire contents of a book.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on a work.

“Essay” links are to long review pieces with spoilers.

A title index to fantastic fiction reviews exists.

Faherty, J. G. “Heroes Are Made”. Review.

Falk, Henri. “The Age of Lead”, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

Fanning, Jr., William J. Death Rays and the Popular Media, 1876-1939: A Study of Directed Energy Weapons in Fact, Fiction and Film. (nonfiction). Review.

Farmer, Philip Jose. “Wolf, Iron, and Math”. Raw Feed.

Farren, Mick. Mars — The Red Planet. Raw Feed.

Fawcett, Bill. “After the Comet”. Low Res Scan.

— “Lincoln’s Charge”. Raw Feed.

Feeley, Gregory. “Way of Looking at a Dinosaur”. Low Res Scan.

Fenn, Jaine. “Angel Dust”. Review.

— “Collateral Damage”. Review.

— “Death on Elsewhere Street”. Review.

— Downside Girls. (collection). Review.

— “The Three Temptations of Larnia Mier”. Review.

Fenn, M. “To the Edges”. Review.

Feeney, Paul M. “Night Patrol. Review.

Ferñandez, Bernardo. “Lions”. Review.

Feval, Paul. Knightshade. Review.

Figueiras, Mauricio Montiel. “Photophobia”. Review.

Files, Gemma. “Marya Nox”. Review.

— “This Is Not For You”. Review.

Finch, Paul. “The Amphibians”. Review.

— “The Blood Month”. Review.

— “Flibbertigibbet”. Review.

— “For We Are Many”. Review.

— “The Gods of Green and Grey”. Review.

King Death. Review.

Medi-Evil 1: Historical Horror and Fantasy. Review.

Medi-Evil 2: Tales of Historical Horror and Fantasy. (collection). Review.

— “Tools of the Trade”. Review.

— “Twilight in the Orm-Garth”. Review.

Finch, Sheila. “If There Be Cause”. Raw Feed.

— “The Old Man and C”. Raw Feed.

— “Out of the Mouths”. Raw Feed.

— “Reichs-Peace”. Review.

Finn, Israel. “The Pipe”. Review.

Fitzimons, Dan. “Lawman”. Review.

Flecker, James Elroy. “The Last Generation”. Review.

Fletcher, Tom. “View”. Review.

Fleming, Preston. Maid of Baikal. Review.

Flynn, Michael. “Built Upon the Sands of Time”. Raw Feed.

— “The Forest of Time”. Raw Feed.

Flynn, Michael and Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. Fallen Angels. Raw Feed.

Flynn, Michael F. “Rules of Engagement”. Raw Feed.

Ford, Jeffrey. “After Moreau”. Review.

— “The Beautiful Gelreesh”. Review.

— “The Delicate”. Review.

The Thyme Fiend. Review.

Ford, John B. “The Flames of the Drakkar”. Review.

Ford, M. John. “In the Days of the Comet”. Raw Feed.

Forneret, Xavier. “The Diamond in the Grass”. Review.

Forster, E. M. “The Curate’s Friend”. Review.

— “The Story of a Panic”. Review.

Foster, Alan Dean. “Chauna”. Review.

— “Lay Your Head on My Pilose”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Muffin Migration”. Review.

— “Why Johnny Can’t Speed”. Review.

Fowler, Karen Joy. “The Dark”. Review.

— “Game Night at the Fox and Goose”. Raw Feed.

Fox, Randy. “Race With the Devil”. Raw Feed.

Fradkin, Barbara. “The Lighthouse”. Review.

France, Anatole. “Leslie Wood”. Review.

Frank, Jane. “Under the Skin: A Profile of William Hope Hodgson”. (nonfiction). Review.

The Wandering Soul: Glimpses of a Rare Life: A Compendium of Rare and Unpublished Works. (collection, nonfiction, associational). Review.

— “William Hope Hodgson’s Sales Log: The Pleasures and Consequences of Collecting”. (nonfiction). Review.

Franklin, Albert. “The Ruins of Paris in 4875”, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

Franklin, H. Bruce. Countdown to Midnight: Twelve Great Stories About Nuclear War. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— “Nuclear War and Science Fiction”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Franklin, Cheryl J. “Words”. Review.

French, Aaron J. The Gods of H. P. Lovecraft. (anthology). Review.

Friedman, C. S. “Downtime”. Review.

Friesner, Esther M. “Such a Deal”. Raw Feed.

— “Told You So”. Raw Feed.

Fröisland, Fröis. “The Chameleon”. Review. Essay.

— “The Man With the X-Ray Eyes”. Review. Essay.

The Man With the X-Ray Eyes & Other Stories. (collection). Review. Essay.

Frost, Gregory. “The Final Act”. Review.

— “The Seals of New R’lyeh”. Review.

Fry, Gary. “The Reeds”. Review.

— “Sealed by the Moon”. Review.

Fultz, John R. “This Is How the World Ends”. Review.