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Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird stories and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. It also includes related critical and biographical works.

“Low Res Scan” links to you to reviews which may not cover the entire contents of a book.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on a work.

“Essay” links are to long review pieces with spoilers.

A title index to fantastic fiction reviews exists.

Haber, Karen. “Simbody to Love”. Review.

Haefele, John D. “The Sculptures in the House”. Review.

— “Shadow Out of Hodgson”. (nonfiction). Review.

Haining, Peter. Scottish Stories of Fantasy and Horror. (anthology). Review.

Haldeman II, Jack C. “The Cold Warrior”. Low Res Scan.

— “The 1960 Presidential Campaign, Considered as a World Wrestling Federation Steel Cage Match or Short Count in Chicago”. Raw Feed.

Haldeman, Joe. 1968. (associational). Review.

— “Blood Brothers”. Review.

— “Blood Sisters”. Review.

Dealing in Futures. (collection). Review.

Forever Peace. Review.

— “For White Hill”. Raw Feed.

Guardian. Raw Feed.

— “Lindsay and the Red City Cross”. Review.

— “Manifest Destiny”. Review.

— “More Than the Sum of His Parts”. Review.

— “No Future in It”. Review.

— “The Pilot”. Review.

— “Seven and the Stars”. Review.

— “A !Tangled Web”. Review.

— “To Howard Hughes: A Modest Proposal”. Raw Feed.

— “You Can Never Go Back”. Review.

Haldeman, Philip. “Tunnels”. Review.

Hambling, David. Alien Stars. Review.

— “The Basilisk”. Review.

— “The Body Snatchers”. Review.

— “The Book of Insects”. Review.

— Broken Meats. Review.

City of Sorcerers. Review.

— “Coda: The Return”. Review.

— “The Devils in the Deep Blue Sea”. Review.

The Dulwich Horror & Others. (collection). Review.

— “The Dulwich Horror of 1927”. Review.

— The Elder Ice. Review.

— “The Ghost Door”. Review.

— “In the Vault”. Review.

— “Introduction: The Recurring History of Time Loopers”. Review.

Master of Chaos. Review.

— “The Monsters in the Park”. Review.

— “The Mystery of the Cursed Cottage”. Review.

— “The Norwood Builder”. Review.

— “A Question of Blood”. Review. Essay.

— “The Serpent in the Garden”. Review

— “Shadows of the Witch House”. Review.

Swarm Troopers: How Small Drones Will Conquer the World. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

— “Two Fingers”. Review.

— War of the God Queen. Review.

We: Robot: The Robots That Already Rule Our World. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

Hambling, David and Byron Craft, Matthew Davenport, and John A. DeLaughter. “Epilogue: A Stitch in Time”. Review.

Hambling, David and Peter Rawlik. The Book of Yig: Revelations of the Serpent. (anthology). Review.

Hambly, Barbara. “Soldier of the Queen”. Raw Feed.

Hamilton, Alex. “Dead Men Walk”. Review.

Hamilton, Edmond. “Castaway”. Review.

— “Dreamer’s World”. Review.

— “The Inn Outside the World”. Review.

— “Isle of the Sleeper”. Review.

— “The King of Shadows”. Review.

— “Serpent Princess”. Review.

— The Starcombers. Review.

— “The Stars, My Brother”. Review.

— “Sunfire!”. Review.

— “Transuranic”. Review.

— “Twilight of the Gods”. Review.

— “The Watcher of the Ages”. Review.

— “What’s It Like Out There?”. Review.

What’s It Like Out There? and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

Hamilton, Peter F. The Abyss Beyond Dreams. Review.

— “Blessed by an Angel”. Review. Review.

— “Candy Buds”. Raw Feed.

— “Deathday”. Raw Feed.

— “The Demon Trap”. Review.

The Dreaming Void. Review.

— “Escape Route”. Raw Feed.

The Evolutionary Void. Review.

Fallen Dragon. Review.

— “Footvote”. Review.

— “The Forever Kitten”. Review.

Great North Road. Review.

— “If at First”. Review.

— “The Lives and Loves of Tiarella Rosa”. Raw Feed.

— Manhattan.in Reverse. (collection). Review.

— “Manhattan in Reverse”. Review.

Mindstar Rising. Raw Feed.

Misspent Youth. Review.

— The Naked God. Raw Feed.

— The Nano Flower. Raw Feed.

The Neutronium Alchemist. Raw Feed.

— “New Days Old Times”. Raw Feed.

A Night Without Stars. Review.

Pandora’s Star. Raw Feed.

A Quantum Murder. Raw Feed.

The Reality Dysfunction. Raw Feed.

— “A Second Chance at Eden”. Raw Feed.

A Second Chance at Eden. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “The Suspect Genome”. Raw Feed.

— “Sonnie’s Edge”. Raw Feed.

The Temporal Void. Review.

— “Watching Trees Grow”. Review.

A Window into Time. Review.

Hammond, Warren. “Carnival Night”. Review.

Hand, Elizabeth. Available Dark. Review.

Generation Loss. Review.

— “Near Zennor”. Review.

Hanmura, Ryo. “Cardboard Box”. Raw Feed

— “Tansu”. Raw Feed.

Haraucrout, Edmond. “The Antichrist”. Review.

— “A Christmas Gift”. Review.

— “Doctor Auguérand’s Discovery”. Review.

 — “The End of the World”. Review.

— “The Gorriloid”. Review. Review.

Illusions of Immortality. (collection). Review.

— “Immortality: A conte philosophique”. Review.

— “The Madonna”. Review.

— “The Supreme Conflict”. Review.

— “A Trip to Paris”. Review.

Hardin, Roy. “Fast Draw”. Review.

Hardy, Thomas. “The Withered Arm”. Review.

Hargreaves, H. A. “2020 Vision”. Review.

— “Cainn”. Review.

— “Dead to the World”. Review.

— “‘Fore-Eight-Sixteen”. Review.

— “Infinite Variation”. Review.

— “In His Moccasins”. Review.

— “More Things in Heaven and Earth”. Review.

— North by 2000+. (collection). Review.

— “Protected Environment”. Review.

— “Tangled Web”. Review.

— “Tee Vee Man”. Review.

— “Venerian Vector-Transit Tales”. Review.

Harkness, Henrik. “The House on the Borderland: On Humanity and Love”. (nonfiction). Review.

Harness, Charles L. “The Alchemist”. Raw Feed.

— “The Araqnid Window”. Raw Feed.

— “The Chessplayers”. Raw Feed.

— “Child by Chronos”. Raw Feed.

Cybele, with Bluebonnets. Review.

— Drunkard’s Endgame. Raw Feed.

— Firebird. Raw Feed.

— “George Washington Slept Here”. Raw Feed.

Lunar Justice. Raw Feed.

— Lurid Dreams. Raw Feed.

— “The Million Year Patent”. Raw Feed.

— “The New Reality”. Raw Feed.

— “Lethary Fair”. Raw Feed.

— “O Lyric Love”. Raw Feed.

— “An Ornament to His Profession”. Raw Feed.

The Paradox Men. Raw Feed.

— “Probable Cause”. Raw Feed.

— “Quarks at Appomattox”. Raw Feed.

Redworld. Review.

The Ring of Ritornel. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Rings. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

The Rose. Raw Feed.

— “Stalemate in Space”. Raw Feed.

— “Station Ganymede”. Review.

— “Summer Solstice”. Raw Feed.

— “The Tetrahedron”. Raw Feed.

— “Time Trap”. Raw Feed.

The Venetian Court, Charles L. Harness. Raw Feed.

Wolfhead. Raw Feed.

Harrison, Harry. “Arm of the Law”. Review.

— “I Always Do What Teddy Says”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Powers of Observation”. Review.

Return to Eden. Review.

Stars & Stripes Forever. Review.

A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!. Review.

West of Eden. Review.

Winter in Eden. Review.

Harrison, Harry and Tom Shippey. “A Letter from the Pope”. Raw Feed.

Harrison, M. John. “The New Rays”. Review.

The Pastel City. Review.

— “Settling the World”. Review.

Hartwell, David G. Year’s Best SF. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— Year’s Best SF 2. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— Year’s Best SF 3. (anthology). Review.

Year’s Best SF 4. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— Year’s Best SF 5. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Year’s Best SF 6. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Harvey, W. F. “August Heat”. Review.

Hastings, Milo. City of Endless Night. Review.

Hastings, William. “Some Mysteries Unveiled at Last or What Really Happened”. Raw Feed.

Hausman, Gerald and Roger Zelazny. Wilderness. (associational). Review.

Hawkins, Rich. “The Father”. Review.

Hawthorne, Julian. “My Adventure with Edgar Allan Poe”. Review.

— “June 1993”. Review.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. “The Artist of the Beautiful”. Review.

— “The Devil in Manuscript”. Review.

— “The Wedding Knell”. Review.

Heald, Hazel [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “The Horror in the Burying-Ground”. Raw Feed.

— “The Horror in the Museum”. Raw Feed.

— “The Man of Stone”. Raw Feed.

— “Out of the Aeons”. Raw Feed.

— “Winged Death”. Raw Feed.

Heard, H. F. “The Great Fog”. Review.

Hearn, Lafcaido. “The Dream of Akinosuke”. Review.

— “In a Cup of Tea”. Review.

Heinlein, Robert A. “Blowups Happen”. Review.

— “By His Bootstraps”. Review.

— “Columbus Was a Dope”. Review.

Double Star. Review.

— “Goldfish Bowl”. Review.

— “Let There Be Light”. Review.

— “Life-Line”. Review.

— “The Man Who Sold the Moon”. Review.

The Man Who Sold the Moon. (collection). Review.

— “The Menace From Earth”. Review.

The Menace From Earth. (collection). Review.

— “Methuselah’s Children”. Review.

The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Raw Feed.

Orphans of the Sky. Review.

— “Project Nightmare”. Review.

— “Requiem”. Review.

— “Revolt in 2100”. Review.

Revolt in 2100 & Methuselah’s Children. (collection). Review.

— “The Roads Must Roll”. Review.

— “Sky Lift”. Review.

— “Universe”. Raw Feed.

— “Water Is for Washing”. Review.

— “The Year of the Jackpot”. Review.

Helfers, John, Ed Gorman, and Martin H. Greenberg. Star ColoniesReview.

Hellisen, Cat. “The Girls Who Go Below”. Low Res Scan.

Henderson, C. J. “The Questioning of the Azathothian Priest”. Review.

Henderson, Jeremy. “Daedalus”. Review.

Henley, Ashley. “Another Day of Infamy”. Review.

Herbert, Frank. “Men on Other Planets”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Herrick, Dan R. “Scourge of the Southwest”. Review.

Heym, George, trans. Gio Clairval. “The Dissection”. Review.

Higashi, Masao. Kaiki: Uncanny Tales from Japan: Vol. 1: Tales of Old Edo. (anthology). Review.

Higgins, C. A. Lightless. Review.

Higgins, Sorina. “‘Weird Dominions of the Infinite’: Edgar Allan Poe and the Scientific Gothic”. (nonfiction). Review.

Highsmith, Patricia. “The Snail-Watcher”. Review.

Hightshoe, Carol. “The Last Defenders”. Review.

Hilger, Ron and Scott Connors. The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 1: The End of the Story. (collection). Low Res Scan.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 2: The Door to Saturn. (collection). Raw Feed.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 4: The Maze of the Enchanter. (collection). Review.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 5: The Last Hieroglyph. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Foreword” [The Miscellaneous Writings of Clark Ashton Smith]. Review.

The Miscellaneous Writings of Clark Ashton Smith. (collection). Review.

— Star Changes: The Science Fiction of Clark Ashton Smith. (collection). Review.

Hillier, Kenneth. “Introduction” [The Watcher by the Threshold]. Review.

Hillman, Jack. “Bounty Hunter”. Review.

Hinton, Joseph. “Foreshadowing Carnacki: Algernon Blackwood’s ‘Smith: An Episode in a Lodging House'”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The House on the Burren: The Physical and Psychological Foundations of The House on the Borderland“. (nonfiction). Review.

— “A Particular Strain of Constructive Thought: Hodgson’s Trilogy of Novel”. (nonfiction). Review.

Hirshberg, Glen. “The Pikesville Buffalo”. Review.

Hobbes, Thomas [William S. Lind]. Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation Warfare. Review.

Hoche, Jules. “Doctor Quid”. Review.

Hocking, Ian. Deja Vu. Review.

Hodder, Mark. The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man. Review.

— The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack. Review.

Hodge, Brian. “Roots and All”. Review.

Hodgson, William Hope. “An Adventure of the Deep Waters”. Review.

— “The Adventure of the Headland”. Review.

— “The Adventure with the Claim Jumpers”. (associational). Review.

— “The Albatross”. (associational). Review.

— “The Bells of the Laughing Sally“. (associational). Review.

The Boats of the “Glen Carrig”. Review.

— “Bullion”. (associational). Review.

— “By the Lee”. (associational). Review.

— “The Call in the Dawn”. Review.

— “Captain Dang”. (associational). Review.

Captain Gault. (associational). Review.

— “Captain Gunbolt Charity and the Painted Lady”. (associational). Review.

— “The Captain of the Onion Boat”. (associational). Review.

— “Carnacki, the Ghost Finder”. Review.

— “The Case of the Chinese Curio Dealer”. (associational). Low Res Scan.

— “The Crew of the Lancing“. Review.

— “A Cyclonic Storm”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Date 1965: Modern Warfare”. Review.

— “Demons of the Sea”. Review.

— “The Derelict”. Review.

— “Diamond Cut Diamond with a Vengeance”, William Hope Hodgson. Review.

— “The Dream of X”. Review.

— “The Dumpley Acrostics”. (associational). Review.

— “Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani”. Review.

— “The ‘Emergency Door’ of the Sea. ‘Out Boats'”. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

— “The Fifth Message”. Review.

— “A Fight with a Submarine”. (associational). Review.

— “The Find”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Finding of the Graiken“. Review.

— “The Friendship of Monsieur Jeynois”. (associational). Review.

— “From the Blackburn Evening Telegraph, Saturday, 30th August 1902″. (nonfiction). Review.

— “From the Tideless Sea”. Review.

— “The Gateway of the Monster”. Low Res Scan.

— “The German Spy”. (associational). Low Res Scan.

— “The Getting Even of ‘Parson’ Guyles”. (associational). Review.

— “The Getting Even of Tommy Dodd”. (associational). Review.

— “The Ghost Pirates”. Review.

— The Ghost Pirates. Review.

— “The Ghosts of the Glen Doon”. (associational). Review.

— “The Girl with the Grey Eyes”. (associational). Review.

— “The Goddess of Death”. Review.

— “The Habitants of the Middle Islet”. (associational). Review.

— “The Haunted Jarvee“. Low Res Scan.

— “The Haunted Pampero“. Review.

— “The Haunting of the Lady Shannon“. Review.

— “Health from Scientific Exercise”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Heaving of the Log”. (associational). Review.

— “The Heathen’s Revenge”. (associational). Review.

— “The Hog”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Home-Coming of Captain Dan”. (associational). Review.

— “The Horse of the Invisible”. Low Res Scan.

— “The House among the Laurels”. Low Res Scan.

The House on the Borderland. Review.

— How Sir Jerrold Treyn Dealt with the Dutch in Caunston Cove”. (associational). Review.

— “How the Honourable Billy Darrell Raised the Wind”. (associational). Review.

— “The Inn of the Black Crow”. (associational). Review.

— “In the Danger Zone”. (associational). Review.

— “In the Wailing Gully”. (associational). Review.

— “The Island of the Crossbones”. (associational). Review.

—  “The Island of the Ud”. Review.

— “Is the Mercantile Navy Worth Joining? — Certainly Not”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Jack Grey, Second Mate”. (associational). Review.

— “Jem Binney and the Safe at Lockwood Hall”. (associational). Review.

— “Judge Barclay’s Wife”. (associational). Review.

— “Kind, Kind and Gentle Is She”. (associational). Review.

— “The Last Word in Mysteries”. (associational). Review.

— “Merciful Plunder”. (associational). Review.

— “Mr. Jock Danplank”. (associational). Review.

— “My House Shall Be Called the House of Prayer”. (associational). Review.

— “The Mystery of Captain Chappel”. (associational). Review.

— “The Mystery of the Derelict”. Review.

— “The Mystery of the Missing Ships”. (associational). Review.

— “The Mystery of the Water-Logged Ship”. (associational). Review.

— The Night Land. Review.

— “An Old Frenchwoman and Her Chickens”. (associational). Review.

— “Old Golly”. Review.

— “On the Bridge”. (associational). Review.

— “On the Hillside: How the French Soldier Deals with Spies”. (associational). Review.

— “Out of the Storm”. Review.

— “The Peril of the Mine”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Physical Culture: A Talk with an Expert”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Physical Culture Versus Recreative Exercise”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Plans of the Reefing Bi-Plane”. (associational). Low Res Scan.

— “THE POET VS. THE STONEMASON; or, Why Not a New Market for Poetry?”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The ‘Prentices’ Mutiny”. (associational). Review.

— “The Promise”. Review.

— “The Real Thing: S.O.S.”. (associational). Review.

— “The Regeneration of Captain Bully Keller”. (associational). Review.

— “The Riven Night”. Review.

— “The Room of Fear”. Review.

— “A Sailor and His Camera”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Sailormen”. (associational). Review.

— “The Sea Horses”. Review.

— “The Searcher of the End House”. Low Res Scan.

— “Senator Sandy Mac Ghee”. (associational). Review.

— “The Shamraken Homeward-Bounder”. Review.

— “The Sharks of the St. Elmo“, William Hope Hodgson. Review.

— “Ship’s Log”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Smugglers”. (associational). Review.

— “The Stone Ship”. Review.

— “The Storm”. Review.

— “The Terror of the Water-Tank”. Review.

— “The Thing in the Weeds”. Review.

— “The Thing Invisible”. Low Res Scan.

— “Through the Heart of a Cyclone”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Through the Vortex of a Cyclone”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “A Timely Escape”. (associational). Review.

— “The Trade in Sea Apprentices”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Trading with the Enemy”. (associational). Low Res Scan.

— “A Tropical Horror”. Review.

— “The Voice in the Night”. Review.

The Wandering Soul: Glimpses of a Rare Life: A Compendium of Rare and Unpublished Works. (collection, nonfiction, associational). Review.

— “The Weed Men”. Review.

— “We Two and Bully Dunkan”. (associational). Review.

— “What Happened in the Thunderbolt“. (associational). Review.

— “When the Sea Gets Cross”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Whistling Room”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Wild Man of the Sea”. (associational). Review.

— “‘With the Guns’: A Pen Picture of How Frenchmen Fight”. (associational). Review.

Hodgson, William Hope and James Stoddard. The Night Land: A Story Retold. Review.

— “The Testament of Andros Being the Second Chapter of William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land Rewritten“. Review.

Hoffman, Ada. “Harmony Amid the Stars”. Review.

Hoffman, Nina Kiriki. “I Was a Teenage Boycrazy Blob”. Raw Feed.

— “Unleashed”. Raw Feed.

Hoffmann, E. T. A. “The Mines of Falun”. Review.

Hogan, James P. “Leapfrog”. Raw Feed.

— The Proteus Operation. Review.

Hogan, Liam. “Horse”. Review.

Hogg, James. “The Brownie of the Black Haggs”. Review.

Holder, Nancy. “Annabel Lee”. Review.

Holloway, J. Kent. “Introduction [The Midnight Eye Omnibus Volume 2]. Review.

Holt, Kay T. Winter Well: Speculative Novellas About Older Women. (anthology). Review.

Hombostel, Don. “Night Bird”. Review.

Hook, Andrew. “Things That Are Here Now, Things That Were There Then”. Review.

Hopkins, R. Thurston and Forbes Phillips. War and the Weird. (collection). Review. Essay.

Hopkins, R. Thurston. “The De Gamelyn Tradition”. Review. Essay.

— “The Mills of God”. Review. Essay.

— “Ombos”. Review. Essay.

— “Through the Furnace”. Review. Essay.

Hopkinson, Nalo. “Shift”. Review.

Hoshi, Shinichi. “Bokko-chan”. Raw Feed.

— “He-y, Come on Ou-t!”. Raw Feed.

Houarner, Gerard. “The Voice of the Lacuna (‘A Play’)”. Review.

Houdini, Harry [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “Under the Pyramids”. Raw Feed.

Hough, Jason M. The Darwin Elevator. Review.

The Exodus Towers. Review.

The Plague Forge. Review.

Howard, John. “The Judiciales”. Review.

— “Mountain Man”. Review.

— “Spook”. Review.

Howard, Robert E. “The Black Stone”. Review.

— “Blades of the Brotherhood”. Raw Feed.

— “The Castle of the Devil”. Raw Feed.

— “The Children of Asshur”. Raw Feed.

— “The Children of the Night”. Review.

— “Death’s Black Riders”. Raw Feed.

— “The Footfalls Within”. Raw Feed.

— “The Gods of Bal-Sagoth”. Review.

— “Hawk of Basti”. Raw Feed.

— “The Hills of the Dead”. Raw Feed.

— “The Moon of Skulls”. Raw Feed.

— “Rattle of Bones”. Raw Feed.

— “Red Shadows”. Raw Feed.

— “The Right Hand of Doom”. Raw Feed.

— “Skulls in the Stars”. Raw Feed.

Solomon Kane. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Valley of the Worm”. Review.

— “Wings in the Night”. Raw Feed.

Hubbard, L. Ron. Final Blackout. Raw Feed.

— “Preface” [Final Blackout]. Raw Feed.

Hubbard, Martha. “The Library Twins and the Nekrobees”. Review.

Hudson, Andrew Leon. “The Foundation”. Review.

Hughes, Edward P. “Finger Trouble”. Raw Feed.

Hughes, Michael M. Demon Lights. Review.

Witch Lights. Review.

Hume, M. K. “The Hive of Fair Women”. Review.

Hunter, Stephen. “Jack the Ripper in Hell”. Review.

Hurst, Alex. Growing Concerns. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Hutchinson, Dave. “All the News, All the Time, From Everywhere”. Review.

— “Dali’s Clocks”. Review.

— “The Fortunate Isles”. Review.

— “The Incredible Exploding Man”. Review.

— “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”. Review.

— Sleeps With Angels. (collection). Review.

— “Sugar Engines”. Review.

Huysmans, J. K. La-Bas (Down There). Review.