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Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird stories and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. It also includes related critical and biographical works.

“Low Res Scan” links to you to reviews which may not cover the entire contents of a book.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on a work.

“Essay” links are to long review pieces with spoilers.

A title index to fantastic fiction reviews exists.

Kafka, Franz, trans. Ian Johnston. “In the Penal Colony”. Review.

Kagan, Janet. “Love Our Lockwood”. Raw Feed.

Kamino Okina. “27 May 1945”. Raw Feed.

Kaminsk, Stuart. “Full Moon Over Moscow”. Raw Feed.

Katsimpas, Nikolas. “Coffee, Wi-Fi and the Moon: The Unknown Story of the Greatest Cyber War of Them All”. Review.

Katze, Rick. “Bobbygate”. Raw Feed.

Katzman, K. T. “Unkosher Meals”. Review.

Kawalec, Julian. “I Kill Myself”. Raw Feed.

Kelleher, Pat. The AlleymanLow Res Scan.

— The Black Hand Gang. Low Res Scan.

— The Ironclad Prophecy. Low Res Scan.

Keller, David, Byron Preiss, Megan Miller, and John Betancourt. The Ultimate Werewolf. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Keller, David H. “The Thing in the Cellar”. Review.

Kelly, James Patrick. “Breakaway, Backdown”. Raw Feed.

— “Dividing the Sustain”. Review.

— “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Review.

— “Think Like a Dinosaur”. Raw Feed.

Kelly, Michael and Carol Weekes. “The Ravens of Consequence”. Review.

Kelly, Michael and Kathe Koja. Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 2. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Kenyon, Kay. “The Space Crawl Blues”. Review.

Kepfield, Sam. “Ghost Dancers”. Review.

— “Hell Home on the Range”. Review.

— “They Zapped with Their Boots On”. Review.

Kepfield, Sam S. “Moon of the Iron Eagle”. Review.

Kido, Okamoto. “Here Lies a Flute”. Review.

Kiernan, Caitlin R. “Big Fish”. Review.

— “Black Ships Seen South of Heaven”. Review.

— “Bus Fare”. Low Res Scan.

— “Charcloth, Firesteel and Flint”. Review.

Dear Sweet Filthy World. (collection). Review.

— “Ex Libris”. Review.

— “Far From Any Shore”. Essay.

— “Houndwife”. Review.

— “Houses Under the Sea”. Review.

— “One Tree Hill (The World as Cataclysm)”. Review.

— “Pickman’s Other Model (1929)”. Review.

— “The Prayer of Ninety Cats”. Review.

— “A Redress for Andromeda”. Review.

Threshold. Review.

Kilian, John. “Inner Nature”. Review.

Killmer, C. J. “The Empty Holster”. Review.

— “Feeding Pluto”. Review.

— “Forewarned Is”. Review.

— “Underhanded”. Review.

Kilpatrick, Nancy. “Flesh and Bone”. Review.

— “The Oldies”. Essay.

— “The Visitor”. Review.

Kilpatrick, Nancy and Caro Soles. nEvermore!: Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre. (anthology). Review.

Kimmel, Leigh. “The Damnable Asteroid”. Review.

King, Tappan. “Patriot’s Dream”. Raw Feed.

King, Stephen. “The Little God of Agony”. Review.

Kingfisher, T. “Origin Story”. Review.

Kipling, Rudyard. “As Easy As A. B. C.”. Review.

Kirk, Robert. “The Secret Commonwealth”. (excerpt). Review.

Kita, Morio. “The Empty Field”. Raw Feed.

Klein, T. E. D. “Children of the Kingdom”. Review.

Kneale, Nigel. “The Pond”. Review.

Knight, Damon. Charles Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained. (nonfiction). Review.

–“Life Edit”. Raw Feed.

Knight, Sam. “A Better Place to Die”. Review.

— “From Out of the Storm”. Review.

— “Going to Hell on the Noon Train”. Review.

— “A Pirate Fog”. Review.

— Uncle Benjamin’s Triple ‘T’ Tonic”. Review.

— “Working the Salt Mine”. Review.

Knight, Sam and Rhye Manhatten. “Moshito Masquine”. Review.

Koch, Joanna. “Every Lucky Penny Is Another Drop of Blood”. Review.

Koenig, H. C. “Pioneering Essays”. (nonfiction). Review.

Kohagen, Axel and Roy C. Booth. “Screamin’ Siren”. Low Res Scan.

Koja, Kathe. “Angels in Love”. Essay.

— “Angels’ Moon”. Raw Feed.

— “Arrangement for Invisible Voices”. Essay.

— “At Eventide”. Review.

— “Baby”. Review.

Bad Brains. Essay.

— “Ballad of the Spanish Civil Guard”. (associational). Essay.

— “Bondage”. Essay.

The Cipher. Essay.

— “Clubs”. (associational). ReviewReview.

— “The Company of Storms”. Essay.

— “Coyote Pass”. Review.

— “The Disquieting Muse”. Essay.

— “The Energies of Love”. Essay.

Extremities. (collection). Essay.

— “Far and Wee”. Review.

— “Fireflies”. Review.

— “Illusions in Relief”. Essay.

— “I Shall Do Thee Mischief in the Woods”. Essay.

— “Jubilee”. Essay.

Kink. (associational). Essay.

— “Lady Lazarus”. (associational). Essay.

— “La Reine D’Enfer”. Review.

— “The Marble Lily”. Review.

— “The Neglected Garden”. Essay.

— “Pas de Deux”. Essay. Review.

— “Queen of Angels”. Essay.

— “The Reckoning”. Essay.

— “Remnants”. (associational). Essay.

— “Road Trip”. Review.

— Skin. (associational). Essay. Essay.

— “Skin Deep”. Essay.

— “Teratisms”. Essay.

— “Toujours”. Review.

— “Urb Civ”. Review.

— Velocities. (collection). Review.

— “Velocity”. Review.

— “Waking the Prince”. Essay.

Koja, Kathe and Barry Malzberg. “Literary Lives”. Essay.

— “Rex Tremandae Majestatis”. Essay.

— “Ursus Triad, Later”. Essay.

— “What We Did That Summer”. Essay.

Koja, Kathe and Carter Scholz. “KIT: Some Assembly Required”. Essay.

Koja, Kathe and Michael Kelly. Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 2. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Komatsu, Sakyo. “The Savage Mouth”. Raw Feed.

— “Take Your Chance”. Raw Feed.

Kono, Tensei. “Triceratops”. Raw Feed.

Kornbluth, C. M. “The Advent on Channel 12”. Raw Feed.

— “The Adventurer”. Raw Feed.

— “The Altar at Midnight”. Raw Feed.

— The Best of C. M. Kornbluth. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Dominoes”. Raw Feed.

— “Friend to Man”. Raw Feed.

— “Gomez”. Raw Feed.

— “The Last Man Left in the Bar”. Raw Feed.

— “The Little Black Bag”. Raw Feed.

— “The Luckiest Man in Denv”. Raw Feed.

— “The Marching Morons”. Raw Feed.

— “The Mindworm”. Raw Feed.

– – “The Only Thing We Learn”. Raw Feed.

— “The Remorseful”. Raw Feed.

— “The Rocket of 1955”. Raw Feed.

— “Shark Ship”. Raw Feed.

— “The Silly Season”. Raw Feed.

— “That Share of Glory”. Raw Feed.

— “Two Dooms”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “With These Hands”. Raw Feed.

— “The Words of Guru”. Review. Raw Feed.

Kosmatka, Ted. Prophet of Bones. Review.

Kotani, Eric. “Edgeworld”. Review.

Kotaro, Tanaka. “The Face in the Hearth”. Review.

Kowal, Mary Robinette. “Evil Robot Monkey”. Review.

Kratman, Tom. Caliphate. Review.

Kress, Nancy. “Always True to Thee, in My Fashion”. Review.

— “And Wild for to Hold”. Raw Feed.

— “Art of War”. Review.

— “Eoghan”. Raw Feed.

— “Evolution”. Raw Feed.

— Oaths and Miracles. Raw Feed.

— “State of Nature”. Raw Feed.

— “To Cuddle Amy”. Raw Feed.

Krohn, Leena. “Tainaron: Mail from Another City”. Review.

Kube-McDowell, Michael P. “Because Thou Lovest the Burning Ground”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Inga-Binga Affair”. Raw Feed.

— “I Shall Have a Flight to Glory”. Raw Feed.

Kuhl, Jackson. “Realgar”. Review.

— “Red River”. Review.

Kurland, Michael and H. Beam Piper. First Cycle. Review.

Kurtz, Nicole Given. “Justice”. Review.

Kuttner, Henry. “Bells of Horror”. Review.

— “A Gnome There Was”. Review.

— “I, the Vampire”. Review.

— “The Salem Horror”. Review.

Kuttner, Henry and C. L. Moore. Earth’s Last Citadel. Raw Feed.

— “Home Is the Hunter”. Review.

Kvlt, Espi. “Pulsate”. Review.

Kyle, Rebecca McFarland. “The Full Metal Whatsit”. Review.

— “Make It Work”. Review.