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Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird stories and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. It also includes related critical and biographical works.

“Low Res Scan” links to you to reviews which may not cover the entire contents of a book.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on a work.

“Essay” links are to long review pieces with spoilers.

A title index to fantastic fiction reviews exists.


Maberry, Jonathan. “Dream a Little Dream of Me”. Review.

Macdonald, James D. and Alan Rodgers. “Rosemary: Scrambled Eggs on a Blue Plate”. Raw Feed.

Macdonald, James D. and Debra Doyle. “Now and in the Hour of Death”. Raw Feed.

Machen, Arthur. “A Fragment of Life”. Essay.

The Anatomy of Tobacco. (associational). (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Autophone”. Review.

— “The Bowmen”. Review. Essay.

The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War. (collection). Review. Essay.

— “A Chapter from the Book Called The Ingenious Gentleman Dox Quixote de le Mancha Which by Some Mischance Has Not Till Now Been Printed”. (associational). Review.

The Chronicle of Clemendy. Review.

— “The Dazzling Light”. Review. Essay.

— “A Double Return”. (associational). Review.

Dr. Stiggins: His Views and Principles. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

— “Folklore and the Legends of the North”. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

— “The Great God Pan”. Review.

— “The Happy Children”. Review.

Hieroglyhpics. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

The Hill of Dreams. Essay.

— “History of the Young Man with Spectacles”. Review.

— “The Inmost Light”. Review.

— “Jocelyn’s Escape”. (associational). Review.

— “The Lost Club”. Review.

— “The Monstrance”. Review. Essay.

Ornaments in Jade. Review.

— “The Red Hand”. Review.

— “A Remarkable Coincidence”. (associational). Review.

The Secret Glory. Review.

— “The Shining Pyramid”. Review.

— “The Soldiers’ Rest”. Review.

The Terror. Review. Essay.

The Three Impostors; or, The Transmutations. Review.

— “An Underground Adventure”. (associational). Review.

— “The White People”. Essay.

— “A Wonderful Woman”. (associational). Review.

Machin, James. “Arthur Machen and Decadence: The Flower-Tunicked Priest of New Grub Street”. (nonfiction). Essay.

MacLean, Katherine. “Alien Minds and Nonhuman Intelligences”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “Kiss Me”. Review.

MacLeod, Fiona. “The Sin-Eater”. Review.

MacLeod, Ken. The Cassini Division. Review.

— “iThink, Therefore I Am”. Review.

— “The Oort Crowd”. Raw Feed.

— “Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359?”. Review.

Magas, N. J. “Journal 6 of 8: Techniques in Grafting”. Low Res Scan.

Maginn, William. “The Man in the Bell”. Review.

Mains, Johnny. Best British Horror 2018. (anthology). Review.

Makino Asamu. “Necrophallus”. Raw Feed.

Malartre, Elisabeth. “Evolution Never Sleeps”. Raw Feed.

Malik, Usman T. “Resurrection Points”. Low Res Scan.

Malzberg, Barry. “All Assassins”. Raw Feed.

— “Ship Full of Jews”. Raw Feed.

— “Shiva”. Raw Feed.

Malzberg, Barry and Kathe Koja. “Literary Lives”. Essay.

— “Rex Tremandae Majestatis”. Essay.

— “Ursus Triad, Later”. Essay.

— “What We Did That Summer”. Essay.

Malzberg, Barry N. “Another Goddamned Showboat”. Raw Feed.

— “Dogs, Masques, Love, Death: Flowers”. Review.

— “Heavy Metal”. Raw Feed.

— “In the Stone House”. Raw Feed.

— “Turpentine”. Raw Feed.

— “We Can Remember You for Wholesale: An Afterword to Dick’s Clans of the Alphane Moon.” Raw Feed.

Malzberg, Barry N. and Bill Pronzini. “Prose Bowl”. Review.

Mamatas, Nick. “Dead Media”. Review.

— “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. Low Res Scan.

— “Inky, Blinky, Pinky Nyarlathotep. Review.

— “That of Which We Speak When We Speak of the Unspeakable”. Review.

Manhatten, Rhye and Sam Knight. “Moshito Masquine”. Review.

Mann, George. The Affinity Bridge. Review.

— The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 2. (anthology). Review.

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 3. (anthology). Review.

Mantooth, John. “The Cecilia Paradox”. Review.

Marcus, Daniel. “Blue Period”. Raw Feed.

Marryat, Frederick. “The White Wolf of the Hartz Mountains”. Review.

Marshall, Helen. “Skin”. Review.

Martin, George R. R. “Bitterblooms”. Raw Feed.

— “Fast-Friend”. Raw Feed.

— “In the House of the Worm”. Raw Feed.

— “Run to Starlight”. Review.

— “Sandkings”. Raw Feed.

Sandkings. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Starlady”. Raw Feed.

— “The Stone City”. Raw Feed.

— “The Way of Cross and Dragon”. Raw Feed.

Mas, Andre. “The Germans on Venus”, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

Mason, Cynthia and Charles Ardai. Future Crime: An Anthology of the Shape of Crime to Come. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Massie-Ferch, Kathleen M. “Traces”. Review.

Masson, David I. “Mouth of Hell”. Review.

Masterton, Graham. “What the Dark Does”. Review.

Matheson, Michael. “Rubedo, an Alchemy of Madness”. Review.

Matheson, Richard. The Memoirs of Wild Bill Hickok. (associational). Review.

— Shadow on the Sun. Raw Feed.

Matheson, Richard Christian. “133”. Review.

— “I’m Always Here”. Raw Feed.

— “Last Words”. Review.

Matthews, Mark. “Tattooed All in Black”. Review.

Mauro, Laura. “Sun Dogs”. Review.

— “Terry in the Bed by the Window”. Review.

Maxwell, Mark J. The London Project. Review.

Mayo, Eduardo Jiménez and Chris N. Brown. Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Stories of the Fantastic. (anthology). Review.

Mayumara, Taku. “Fnifmum”. Raw Feed.

McAllister, Bruce. Dream Baby. Review.

— “Southpaw”. Raw Feed.

McAuley, Paul J. “Reef”.  Raw Feed.

— “Winning Peace”. Review.

McCaffery, Anne. “The Pedigreed Stallion”. Review.

McCarthy, Wil. Bloom. Review.

McColley, John. “Doc Argentum and the Dinosaur Kid”. Review.

McConchie, Lyn. “Before All This Modern Stuff”. Review.

— “A Day Out Shopping”. Review.

— “For Love of Maxie”. Review.

— “Lone Star Jackson — Outlaw”. Review.

— “On the Road to Bodie”. Review.

— “Polly and Johnny”. Review.

— “The Steam Powered Camera”. Review.

— “Such a Cute Puppy”. Review.

McCormack, Una. “In Tauris”. Review.

McCrumb, Sharyn. “The Mountain House”. Review.

McDevitt, Jack. Eternity Road. Review.

— “The Tomb”. Raw Feed.

McDonald, David. “Sympathetic Impulses”. Review.

McDonald, Ian. Cyberabad Days. (collection). Review.

— “The Djinn’s Wife”. Review.

— “The Dust Assassin”. Review.

— “An Eligible Boy”. Review.

Evolution’s Shore. Raw Feed.

— “Kyle Meets the River”. Review.

— “The Little Goddess”. Review.

Out on Blue Six. Review.

River of Gods. Review.

— “Sanjeev and the Robotwallah”. Review.

Terminal Cafe. Raw Feed.

— “Verthandi’s Ring”. Review.

— “Vishnu at the Cat Circus”. Review.

McDougall, Sophia. “Bells Ringing Under the Sea”. Review.

McGachey, David. ‘TING-A-LING-A-LING”. Review.

McGuire, John J. and H. Beam Piper. “Hunter Patrol”. Review.

— “Lone Star Planet”. Review.

Null-ABC. Review.

— “The Return”. Review.

McGrath, Patrick. “Blood Disease”. Review.

McGuire, Seanan. “Deep, Deep Down, Below the Waters”. Review.

McHugh, Maureen. “After the Apocalypse”. Review.

— “Tut’s Wife”. Low Res Scan.

McIntosh, J. T. “Made in the U. S. A.”. Review.

McIntyre, Vonda. “The Adventure of the Field Theorems”. Review.

McKillip, Patricia A. “Wonders of the Invisible World”. Raw Feed.

McNaughton, Brian. “Ghoulmaster”. Raw Feed.

McNee, John. “The Dogshit Gauntlet”. Review.

Meachem, Beth. “One by One”. Low Res Scan.

— “A Spark in the Darkness”. Low Res Scan.

Meaney, John. “Necroflux Day”. Review.

Meden, Alec. “From a Remove”. Review.

Meikle, William. “1, 2, Go!”. Review.

— “Amoeboid”. Review.

The Amulet. Low Res Scan.

— “Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral”. Review.

— “The Angry Ghost”. Review.

— “At the Beach”. Review.

— “At the Molenzki Junction”. Review.

— Augustus Seton Collected Chronicles. (collection). Low Res Scan.

— “The Auld Grey Man”. Review.

— “Bait and Switch”. Review.

— “The Banshee”. Review.

— The Battle for the Throne. Review.

— “The Beast of Glamis”. Review.

— “Bedlam in Yellow”. Review.

— “The Black Swan”. Review.

— “The Black Ziggurat”. Review.

— “The Blooded Ikwla”. Review.

— The Boathouse. Review.

— “Born of Ether”. Review.

— Broken Sigil. Review.

— “The Brotherhood of the Thorn”. Review.

— “Call and Response”. Review.

— “Can You Hear Them?” Review.

— “Captain Gault’s Nemesis”. Review.

— “Captain’s Log”. Review.

— Carnacki: Heaven and Hell. (collection). Review.

— Carnacki: The Edinburgh Townhouse and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— Carnacki: The Watcher at the Gate and Other Stories. (collection). Low Res Scan.

— “Carnacki: The Blue Egg”. Review.

— “The Chamber of Tiamat”. Review.

— “The Cheyne Walk Infestation”. Review.

— “The China Dolls”. Review.

— “The Chislehurst Cavern”. Review.

— “Cold as Death”. Review.

— “A Cold Christmas in Chelsea”. Review.

— “The Colour That Came to Chiswick”. Review.

— The Coming of the King. Review.

— The Concordances of the Red Serpent. Review.

— Culloden!. Review.

— “The Curious Affair on the Embankment”. Review.

— “Dancers”. Review.

— “The Dark Island”. Review. Review.

— Dark Melodies. (collection). Review.

— Deal or No Deal?Review.

— “The Death of Sergeant George”. Review.

— “The Doom That Came to Dunfeld”. Review.

— “#dreaming”. Review. Review.

— “The Edinburgh Townhouse”. Review.

— “Eeny Meeny Miney Mi-Go”. Review.

— Eldren — The Book of the Dark. Review.

— The Exiled. Review.

— “Farside”. Review.

— “Farside”. Review.

— “Fins in the Fog”. Review.

— “The First Silkie”. Review.

— “Flickers”. Reviews.

— “Flower of Scotland”. Review.

Flower of Scotland Volume 1. (collection). Review.

Flower of Scotland Volume 2. (collection). Review.

Flower of Scotland Volume 3. (collection). Low Res Scan.

Flower of Scotland Volume 4. (collection). Review.

— “The Fourth Protocol”. Low Res Scan.

— “From Between”. Review.

— Generations: A Creature Feature. Review.

— The Ghost Club: Newly Found Tales of Victorian Terror. (collection). Review.

— “The Gray Boats”. Review.

— Green Door. Review.

— “Green Grow the Rashes”. Review.

— Green Grow the Rashes and Other Stories.  (collection). Review.

— “Habit”. Review.

— “The Haunted Oak”. Review.

— “The Haunting of Esther Cox”. Review.

— “The Havenhome“. Review.

— “The Hellfire Mirror”. Review.

— “The High Bungalow”. Review.

— “Home From the Sea”. Review.

— Home From the Sea. (collection). Review.

— “Home Is the Sailor”. Review.

— “Hotline”. Review.

— The House on the Moor. Review.

— “The Immortal Memory”. Review.

— Infestation. Review.

— “Inquisitor”. Review.

— “In the House of the Dead”. Review.

— “In the Spring”. Review.

— “Into the Light”. Review.

— “The Inuit Bone”. Review.

— “The Invisible Menace”. Review.

— Island Life. Review.

— “The Island of Doctor Munroe”. Review.

— “Jack and the Cat’s Paw”. Review.

— The Job. Review.

— “Just a Par to Win”. Review.

— “The Just One”. Review.

— “The King’s Treasure”. Review.

— “Lacunae”. Review.

— “The Larkhill Barrow”. Review.

— “The Last Day of Summer”. Review.

— “Leisure”. Review.

— “Living the Dream”. Review.

— “Lucidity”. Review.

— “The Lusitania“. Review.

— The Midnight Eye Files. (omnibus). Low Res Scan.

— The Midnight Eye Omnibus Volume 2. Low Res Scan.

— “The Mill Dance”. Review.

— “The Mouth”. Review.

— “Mr. Churchill’s Dilemma”. Review.

— “Mr. Churchill’s Surprise”. Review.

— “A Night in the Storeroom”. Review.

— “Once a Jackass”. Review.

— “One, Two, Go!”. Low Res Scan.

— Operation: Amazon. Review.

— Operation Antarctica. Review.

Operation: Loch Ness. Review.

— Operation Mongolia. Review.

— Operation Norway. Review.

— Operation: Siberia. Review.

Operation Syria. Review.

— “Out of the Black”. Review.

— “Out with the Old”. Review.

— “Overheard”. Review.

— “Paved with Good Intentions”. Review.

— Pentacle. Review.

— “The Persistence of Memory”. Review.

— “Phantom Payment”. Review.

— “The Photographer’s Friend”. Review.

— “Queue”. Review.

— Ramskull. Review.

— “Refuge”. Review.

— “Renewal”. Review.

— “Rhythm and Booze”. Review.

— “Rickman’s Plasma”. Review.

— “Ripples in the Ether”. Review.

— The Road Hole Bunker Mystery. (associational). Review.

— “The Root of All Things”. Review.

— “Samurai”. Review.

— Samurai and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “Sandy Says So”. Review.

— “The Scotsman’s Fiddle”. Review.

— “The Scrimshaw Set”. Review.

— “Serpent”. Review.

— Sherlock Holmes: The Dreaming Man. Review.

— “The Shoogling Jenny”. Review.

— “The Shoreditch Worm”. Review.

Sigils and Totems. (omnibus). Review.

— “The Silent Dead”. Review.

The Sirens. Low Res Scan.

— “A Siren’s Song”. Review.

— “The Sisters of Mercy”. Review.

The Skin Game. Low Res Scan.

— “A Slim Chance”. Low Res Scan. Review.

— “Smarter”. Review.

— “#solstice #dreams”. Review.

— Songs of Dreaming Gods. Review.

— “Stars and Sigils”. Review.

— “A Sticky Wicket”. Review.

— “The Strange Case of Dr. McIntyre”. Review.

— “Supply and Demand”. Review.

— “The Sweller in the Dress Hold”. Review.

— “SymbiOS”. Review.

— “The Tenants of Ladywell Manor”. Review.

— “The Terror That Came to Dounreay”. Review.

— “There’s Always a Catch”. Review.

— “The Tomb of Pygea”. Review.

— “Too Many”. Review. Review.

— Tormentor. Review.

— “Total Mental Quality”. Review.

— “To the Manor Born”. Review.

— “To the Moon and Beyond”. Review.

— “The Toughest Mile”. Review.

— “Treason and Plot”. Review.

— “Turn Again”. Review.

— “Twitterspace”. Review.

— “An Unexpected Delivery”. Review.

— “The Unfinished Basement”. Review.

— “Up and Down the Food Chain”. Review.

— “The Watcher at the Gate”. Review.

— “The Weathered Stone”. Review.

— “Wee Davie Makes a Friend”. Review.

— “When the Kobolds Dance”. Review.

— “The World of Illusion”. Review.

— “The Worst Sound”. Review.

— “The Young Lochinvar”. Review.

— “The Yule Log”. Review.

Mendes, Catulle, trans. Brian Stableford. “”The Black Nightgown”. Review.

— “Old Furniture”. Review.

Meredith, Richard C. “Earthcoming”. Review.

Merril, Judith. “That Only a Mother”. Raw Feed.

Merritt, A. “The Women of the Wood”. Review.

Metcalfe, John. “The Bad Lands”. Review.

Metzel, Jamie. “A Visit to Weizenbaum”. Review.

Meynard, Yves. “Tobacco Words”. Raw Feed.

Meyrink, Gustav. The Green Face. Review. Essay.

— “The Man in the Bottle”. Review.

Michaels, Paul. “Angel Wings”. Review.

Miesel, Sandra. “The Bear that Walks Like a Man: Ursinaid Stereotype in Early Interbeing Era Popular Culture”. Raw Feed.

Millar, Eric J. “The Devil in You”. Review.

Miller, Megan, Byron Preiss, David Keller, and John Betancourt. The Ultimate Werewolf. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Miller, Rex. “Tuesday Weld, Sunday Sources”. Raw Feed.

Mills, Daniel. “Canticle. Review.

— “MS Found in a Chicago Hotel Room”. Review.

Milne, Robert Duncan. “A Base-Ball Mystery”. Raw Feed.

— “A Family Skeleton”. Raw Feed.

— “Into the Sun”. Raw Feed.

— “A Man Who Grew Young Again”. Raw Feed.

— “A New Palingenesis”. Raw Feed.

— “Plucked From the Burning”. Raw Feed.

— “A Question of Reciprocity”. Raw Feed.

— “The Silent Witness”. Raw Feed.

— “Ten Thousand Years in Ice”. Raw Feed.

— “The World’s Last Cataclysm”. Raw Feed.

Milson, Matthew. “Plague City”. Review.

Miravete, Gabriela Damián. “Nereid Future”. Review.

Mitchell, Edward Page. “The Ablest Man in the World”. Review.

Mitchell, Maria. “The Kadath Angle”. Review.

Mitchell, William. “Contact Authority”. Review.

Miyabe, Miyuke, trans. Daniel Huddleton. Apparitions: Ghosts of Old Edo. (collection). Review.

“Ash Kagura”. Review.

— “Cage of Shadows”. Review.

— “A Drowsing Dream of Shinju”. Review.

— “The Futon Storeroom”. Review.

— “The Mussel Mound”. Review.

— “The Oni in the Autumn Rain”. Review.

— “The ‘Oni” of the Adachi House”. Review.

— “The Plum Rains Fall”. Review.

— “A Woman’s Head”. Review.

Miyuki, Miyabe. “The Futon Room”. Review.

Mnthali, Luso. “People Are Reading What You Are Writing”. Review.

Moffett, Cleveland. “The Mysterious Card Unveiled”. Review.

Moffitt, Donald. The Crescent Sky: Book One of the Mechanical Sky. Raw Feed.

A Gathering of Stars: Book Two of the Mechanical Sky. Raw Feed.

Monaco, Richard. Unto the Beast. Raw Feed

Monette, Sarah and Elizabeth Bear. “Moongoose”. Review.

Moon, Elizabeth. “Tradition”. Review.

Mooney, Brian. “The Tomb of Priscus”. Raw Feed.

Moorcock, Michael. “About My Multiverse”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century. Raw Feed.

The Affair of the Seven Virgins”. Raw Feed.

— The Alchemist’s Question. Raw Feed.

— An Alien Heat. Raw Feed.

— “The Black Blade’s Summoning”. Raw Feed.

— The Black Corridor. Raw Feed.

Blood: A Southern Fantasy. Raw Feed.

— “Bryan Talbot’s The Adventures of Luther Arkwright“. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— The Bull and the Spear. Raw Feed.

— “The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams”. Raw Feed.

A Catalogue of Memories: The Family Library Vol. XVII. No. VII”. Raw Feed.

— City of the Beast. Raw Feed.

— The Condition of Muzak. Raw Feed.

— The Cornelius Chronicles. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— The Cornelius Chronicles, vol. III. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— Corum: The Coming of Chaos. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— Corum: The Prince with the Silver Hand. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— “Crimson Eyes”. Raw Feed.

— A Cure for Cancer. Raw Feed.

— The Dancers at the End of Time. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— The Distant Suns. Raw Feed.

— “The Dreaming City”. Raw Feed.

— The Dreamthief’s Daughter. Raw Feed.

— Elric of Melnibone. Raw Feed.

— Elric: Song of the Black Sword. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— Elric: The Stealer of Souls. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— The End of All Songs. Raw Feed.

— The English Assassin. Raw Feed.

— “The Enigma Windows”. Raw Feed.

The Eternal Champion. Raw Feed.

— The Eternal Champion. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— Epilogue: The Birds of the Moon”. Raw Feed.

— Fabulous Harbors. (collection). Raw Feed.

— The Final Programme. Raw Feed.

— “Flux”. Raw Feed.

— The Fortress of the Pearl. Raw Feed.

— The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: In the Adventure of the Texan’s Honour by John M. Watson, M.D.”. (associational). Raw Feed.

— “The Ghost Warriors”. Raw Feed.

— The Girl Who Killed Sylvia Blade”. Raw Feed.

— Hawkmoon. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— The Hollow Lands. Raw Feed.

— “How Tom Mix Saved My Life”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— The Ice Schooner. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Corum: The Coming of Chaos]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Corum: The Prince with the Silver Hand]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [The Dancers at the End of Time]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Elric: Song of the Black Sword]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Elric: The Stealer of Souls]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [The Eternal Champion]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Fabulous Harbors]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Hawkmoon]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Kane of Old Mars]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [The Roads Between the Worlds]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Sailing to Utopia]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Tales from the Texas Woods]. Raw Feed.

— The Jewel in the Skull. Raw Feed.

— Kane of Old Mars. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— The King of the Swords. Raw Feed.

— “Kings in Darkness”. Review. Raw Feed.

— The Knight of the Swords. Raw Feed.

The Land Leviathan. Raw Feed.

— “London Bone”. Review.

— Lord of Spiders. Raw Feed.

— “Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel”. Review.

— “Lunching with the Antichrist”. Raw Feed.

— The Mad God’s Amulet. Raw Feed.

— Masters of the Pit. Raw Feed.

— “Modem Times”. Review.

— “My Comic Life”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “The Nature of the Catastrophe”. Review.

A Nomad of the Time Streams. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— The Oak and the Ram. Raw Feed.

— “No Ordinary Christian”. Raw Feed.

— Phoenix in Obsidian. Raw Feed.

— The Queen of the Swords. Raw Feed.

— The Retirement of Jack Karaquazian”. Raw Feed.

— The Revenge of the Rose. Raw Feed.

— The Runestaff. Raw Feed.

— Sailing to Utopia. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

— The Sailor on the Seas of Fate. Raw Feed.

— The Shores of Death. Raw Feed.

— “The Singing Citadel”. Raw Feed.

— Sir Milk-and-Blood: An Incident in the Life of the Eternal Champion”. Raw Feed.

— The Sleeping Sorceress. Raw Feed.

— Some Fragments Found in the Effects of Mr. Sam Oakenhurst”. Raw Feed.

— “The Stealer of Souls”. Raw Feed.

The Steel Tsar. Raw Feed.

— Stormbringer. Raw Feed.

— The Sundered Worlds. Raw Feed.

— The Sword and the Stallion. Raw Feed.

— Sword of Ivory: An Introduction to Fritz Leiber’s Gray Mouser Stories”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— The Sword of the Dawn. Raw Feed.

— Tales from the Texas Woods. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “To Rescue Tanelorn”. Raw Feed.

— The War Amongst the Angels. Raw Feed.

The Warlord of the Air. Raw Feed.

— “While the Gods Laugh”. Raw Feed.

— “The White Pirate”. Raw Feed.

— The Winds of Limbo. Raw Feed.

— The Wrecks of Time. Raw Feed.

Moore, C. L. “Black God’s Kiss”. Review.

— “Vintage Season”. Raw Feed.

Moore, C. L. and Henry Kuttner. Earth’s Last Citadel. Raw Feed.

— “Home Is the Hunter”. Review.

Moore, James A. and Christopher Golden. “In Their Presence”. Review.

Moore, Sean A. “10585”. Raw Feed.

Moore, Ward. Bring the Jubilee. Raw Feed.

— “Lot”. Raw Feed.

Moran, Daniel Keys and Jodi Moran. “Roughing It During the Martian Invasion”. Raw Feed.

Moran, Jodi and Daniel Keys Moran. “Roughing It During the Martian Invasion”. Raw Feed.

Moran, Richard. The Empire of the Ice. Raw Feed.

Morden, Simon. At the Speed of Light. Review.

Morden, Simon. “Never, Never, Three Times Never”. Review.

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia and Paula R. Stiles. Future Lovecraft. (anthology). Review.

Morris, Mark. “We Who Sing Beneath the Ground”. Review.

Morris, P. R. “English Waters”. Review.

Morrow, James. “Abe Lincoln in McDonald’s”. Raw Feed.

— “Arms and the Woman”. Raw Feed.

— “Bible Stories for Adults, No. 31: The Covenant”. Raw Feed.

— “Isabella of Castile Answers Her Mail”. Raw Feed.

Morton, Lisa. “Finding Ulalume”. Review.

Mosiman, Billie Sue. “The Smile of a Mime”. Raw Feed.

Moskowitz, Sam. Explorers of the Infinite: Shapers of Science Fiction. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

The Man Who Called Himself Poe. (anthology). Review.

Science Fiction in Old San Francisco: History of the Movement from 1854 to 1890. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Science Fiction in Old San Francisco: Into the Sun & Other Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “William Hope Hodgson”. (nonfiction). Review.

Moudy, Walter F. “The Survivor”. Review.

Mouton, Eugene. “The End of the World”. Review.

— “The Origin of Life”. Review.

Mullem, Louis. “A Rival of Edison”, trans. Brian Stableford. Review.

Mundy, John. “Attraction”. Review.

Muno, Jean, trans. Edward Gauvin. “The Ghoul”. Low Res Scan.

Munro, Neil. “Red Hand”. Review.

Murakami, Haruki. “The Ice Man”. Review.

Murata Motoi. “Sacrifice”. Raw Feed.

Muriel, M. O. “The Siren”. Review.

Murphy, Luke. “Redpath”. Low Res Scan.

Murphy, Pat. “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”. Review.

— “South of Oregon City”. Raw Feed.

Murray, Will. “The Arcade”. Review.

— “Dark Redeemer”. Review.

— “The Sothis Radiant”. Raw Feed.

— “What Brings the Void”. Review.

Muslim, Kristine Ong. “The Early Signs of Blight”. Review.


Nagata, Linda. The Bohr Maker. Review.

— “Codename: Delphi”. Review.

Deception Well. Review.

Edges: Inverted Frontier, Book 1. Review.

Memory. Review.

— “Nahiku West”. Review.

— “Out in the Dark”. Review.

Silver: Inverted Frontier, Book 2. Review.

— Skye Object 3270a. Review.

Tech-Heaven. Review.

Vast. Review.

Nahte, Ethan. “Pete’s Peat”. Low Res Scan.

Najib, Rami. The 5th Division, Jason’s Story. Review.

Nardone, Chris. “Guns of Prey”. Review.

Natsuhiko, Kyogoku. “Three Old Tales of Terror”. Review.

Needell, Laurie. “After ‘The Voice in the Night'”. Review.

Nelson Resa and Sarah Smith. “Fennario”. Raw Feed.

Nesbit, Edith. “Man-Size in Marble”. Review.

Nevill, Adam. “The Age of Entitlement”. Review.

Nevill, Adam LG. “Call the Name”. Review.

— “White Light, White Heat”. Review.

Newman, Kim. “Great Western”. Review.

— “Illimitable Domain”. Review.

— “A Quarter to Three”. Raw Feed.

Nicoll, Gregory. “Underground Atlanta”. Raw Feed.

Nictzin, Dyalhis. “The Oath of Hul Jok”. Review.

— “When the Green Star Waned”. Review.

Nimersheim, Jack. “A Fireside Chat”. Raw Feed.

— “Moriarty by Modem”. Review.

— “The Pangaean Principle”. Low Res Scan.

Niswander, Adam. “An Eldritch Matter”. Review.

Niveau, Thana. “Language of the City”. Review.

Niven, Larry. “At the Bottom of a Hole”. Review.

— “At the Core”. Review.

— “Becalmed in Hell”. Review.

— “The Borderland of Sol”. Review.

— “Cloak of Anarchy”. Review. Review.

— “The Coldest Place”. Review.

Crashlander. Review.

— “The Ethics of Madness. Review.

— “Eye of an Octopus”. Review.

— “Flatlander”. Review.

— “Ghost”. Review.

— “Grendel”. Review.

— “The Handicapped”. Review.

— “How the Heroes Die”. Review.

— “Intent to Deceive”. Review.

— “The Jigsaw Man”. Review.

Neutron Star. (collection). Review.

— “Neutron Star”. Review.

— “Procrustes”. Review.

— “A Relic of the Empire”. Review.

— “The Return of William Proxmire”. Raw Feed.

— “The Soft Weapon”. Review.

Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven. (collection). Review.

— “There Is a Tide”. Review.

— “There’s a Wolf in My Time Machine”. Raw Feed.

— “Wait It Out”. Review.

— “The Warriors”. Review.

— “The Words in Science Fiction”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Niven, Larry and Jerry Pournelle. Footfall. Raw Feed.

The Gripping Hand. Raw Feed.

The Mote in God’s Eye. Raw Feed.

Oath of Fealty. Raw Feed.

Niven, Larry and Jerry Pournelle and Michael Flynn. Fallen Angels. Raw Feed.

Niven, Larry and Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes. The Legacy of Heorot. Raw Feed.

Nolan, William F. “Carnivorous”. Review.

Logan’s Search. Low Res Scan.

— Logan’s World. Low Res Scan.

— “Tip to Toe, Toe to Tip, Pip-Pop As You Go”. Review.

— William F. Nolan’s Logan. (omnibus). Low Res Scan.

Nolan, William F. and George Clayton Johnson. Logan’s Run. Low Res Scan.

Nolan, William F., Jason B. Brock, and Sunni K. Brock. “Afterlife”. Review.

Nodier, Charles. “Perfectibility”. Review.

Nordley, G. David. “Democritus’ Violin”. Raw Feed.

Norman, Charles. “Manuscript Found in a Drawer”. Review.

Norman, Lisanne. “Passage to Shola”. Review.

Norris, J. F. “Introduction” [The Other Passenger]. Review.

Norton, Andre. “Set in Stone”. Review.

Nourse, Alan E. “Extrapolations and Quantum Jumps”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Noyes, Alfred. “The Lusitania Waits”. Review.

Nuetzel, Charles. “A Day for Dying”. Review.

Nye, Judy Lynn. “The Father of His Country”. Raw Feed.


Oakley, Ryan. Technicolor Ultra Mall. Review.

Oates, Joyce Carol. “Commencement”. Review.

O’Brien, Fitz-James. “What Was It?”. Review.

O’Brien, Sean. “An Assignation”. Review.

Okorafor, Nnedi. “Tumaki”. Review.

Oliver, Reggie. “A Child’s Problem”. Review.

— “Countess Otho”. Review.

— “A Day with the Delusionists”. Review.

— “Love and Death”. Review.

— “Mrs Midnight”. Review.

— “Rapture”. Review.

Olson, Priscilla. An Ornament to His Profession. (collection). Raw Feed.

Oltion, Jerry. “Red Alert”. Raw Feed.

O’Malley, Kathleen and A. C. Crispin. “Pure Silver”. Raw Feed.

Oram, Jo. “The Herald”. Review.

Osborne, Cary G. “The Folding Table”. Review.

— “‘Till Death Do Us Part”. Review.

Overwater, R. “House of the Knight’s Nail”. Review.

Ozment, Nicolas. “Cat’s in the Cradle”. Review.


Pack, Janet. “The Cutting Edge”. Review.

Page, Michael R. Saving the World Through Science Fiction: James Gunn, Writer, Teacher and Scholar. (nonfiction). Review.

Pain, Barry. “The Undying Thing”. Review.

Paisley, Yarrow. “Reinformation Theory”. Review.

Palmer, Dexter. The Dream of Perpetual Motion. Review.

Palmquist, Grant. “Aphelion”. Review.

— Azure. Review.

— “Burn Victims”. Review.

— “Cemeteries of the Heart”. Review.

Cemeteries of the Heart and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “Flaming Butterfly”. Review.

— “Lullaby”. Review.

— “Parting Sorrows”. Review.

— “Stanley”. Review.

— “Taenia Solium”. Review.

Paradias, Konstantine. “Thousand-Yard Zoom”. Review.

Parent, Jason. “Violet”. Review.

Park, JR. The Black Room Manuscripts, Volume Two. (anthology). Review.

— “Screams in the Night”. Review.

Park, Paul. “Ragnarok”. Review.

Parnov, Eremei and Mikhail Yemstev. “Everything But Love”. Raw Feed.

Partridge, Norman. “’59 Frankenstein”. Raw Feed.

— “Lesser Demons”. Review.

Partridge, Norman and Martin H. Greenberg. It Came from the Drive-In. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Patton, Fiona. “Brannon and the Raven”. Review.

Paxson, Diana L. “Shadow of the Wolf”. Review.

Payne, Rebecca J. “A Change in the Weather”. Review.

Peake, Mervyn. “Same Time, Same Place”. Review.

Pearson, Rudolph. “Covenant of Darkness”. Review.

John, Pelan and Stephen Mark Rainey. “Contact”. Review.

Pelland, Jennifer. “Minya’s Astral Angels”. Review.

Pellegrino, Charles. Dust. Raw Feed.

Penzler, Otto. The Big Book of Jack the Ripper. (anthology). Review.

Perkins, Katherine and Jeffrey Cook. “Opening Night”. Review.

Person, Lawrence. “Huddled Masses”. Raw Feed.

Petaja, Emil. Lord of the Green Planet. Review.

Pennington, Nathan. Bacterium. Review.

Penrose, Roger and Brian W. Aldiss. White Mars. Review.

Perez, Dan. “Die, Baby, Die, Die, Die!”. Raw Feed.

Peters. R. A. For Us the Living: Judgment Day. Review.

Peters, R. A. Operation Enduring Unity Trilogy. Review.

— Power Games: Operation Enduring Unity I. Review.

Shock & Awe: Operation Enduring Unity II. Review.

The Surge: Operation Enduring Unity 3. Review.

Petitt, Robert. “Razored Saddles”. Raw Feed.

Phillips, Forbes and R. Thurston Hopkins. War and the Weird. (collection). Review. Essay.

Phillips, Holly. “Cold Water Survival”. Review.

Phillips, Peter. “Dreams Are Sacred”. Review.

Phipps, C. T. “The Final Gate”. Review.

— “The Last Page”. Review.

— “The Laughing Skull”. Review.

— “The Skull on the Desk”. Review.

Tales of Yog-Sothoth. (anthology). Review.

— “The True Name of God”. Review.

Phipps, C.T. and Matthew Davenport. Tales of the Al-Azif: A Cthulhu Mythos Anthology. (anthology). Review.

Piccirilli, Tom. “I Am a Graveyard Hated by the Moon”. Review.

Pierce, Hayford. “Mail Supremacy”. Raw Feed.

Pierce, John J. The Best of Murray Leinster. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “The Dean of Science Fiction”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Pinsker, Sarah. “A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide”. Low Res Scan.

Piper, H. Beam. “The Answer”. Review.

The Cosmic Computer. Review.

— “Crossroads of Destiny”. Review.

— “Day of the Moron”. Review.

— “Dearest”. Review.

— “The Edge of the Knife”. Review.

Federation, ed. John Carr. (collection). Review.

— “Flight from Tomorrow”. Review.

Four-Day Planet. Review.

Fuzzies and Other People. Review.

Fuzzy Sapiens. Review.

— “Genesis”. Review.

— “Graveyard of Dreams”. Review.

— “He Walked Around the Horses”. Raw Feed.

— “The Keeper”. Review.

— “Last Enemy”. Raw Feed.

Little Fuzzy. Review.

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. Raw Feed.

— “The Mercenaries”. Review.

— “Ministry of Disturbance”. Review.

Murder in the Gunroom. (associational). Review.

— “Naudsconce”. Review.

— “Omnilingual”. Review.

— “Oomphel in the Sky”. Review.

— “Operation R.S.V.P.”. Review.

Paratime, ed. John Carr. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Police Operation”. Raw Feed.

— “Rebel Raider”. (nonfiction, associational). Review.

— “A Slave Is a Slave”. Review.

Space Viking. Review.

— “Temple Trouble”. Raw Feed.

— “Time and Time Again”. Review.

— “Time Crime”. Raw Feed.

Uller Uprising. Review.

— “When in the Course – “. Review.

Piper, H. Beam and Michael Kurland. First Cycle. Review.

Piper, H. Beam and John J. McGuire. “Hunter Patrol”. Review.

— “Lone Star Planet”. Review.

Null-ABC. Review.

— “The Return”. Review.

Platt, Charles. The Silicon Man. Raw Feed.

Poe, Edgar Allan. “The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion”. Review.

— “A Descent into the Maelstrom”. Review.

— “Eleonora”. Review.

— “The Masque of the Red Death”. Review.

— “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”. Review.

— “Some Words with a Mummy”. Review.

— “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Review.

Poe, Edgar Allan and Robert Bloch. “The Lighthouse”. Review.

Pohl, Frederik. The Best of C. M. Kornbluth. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— “The Census Takers”. Review.

— “Children of the Night”. Review.

— “Day Million”. Review.

— “The Day the Icicle Works Closed”. Review.

— “The Day the Martians Came”. Review.

— “Father to the Stars”. Review.

— “Grandy Devil”. Review.

— “The Hated”. Review.

— “A Home for the Old Ones”. Review.

— “The Martian in the Attic”. Review.

— “The Midas Plague”. Review.

— “Punch”. Review.

— “The Science Fiction Professional”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “The Snowmen”. Review.

— “Speed Trap”. Review.

— “Three Portraits and a Prayer”. Review.

— “The Tunnel Under the World”. Review.

— “A Visit to Belindia”, Raw Feed.

— “Waiting for the Olympians”. Raw Feed.

— “We Never Mention Aunt Nora”. Review.

— “What Dreams Remain”. Raw Feed.

Pohl, Frederik and Ben Bova and Jerry Pournelle and Charles Sheffield. Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042: A Four-Part Invention. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Pond, Simone. The City Center. Review.

Popkes, Steven. “The Egg”. Raw Feed.

— “Not for Broadcast”. Raw Feed.

— “The Parade”. Raw Feed.

— Slow Lightning. Raw Feed.

— “So You Want to Meet the Bishop?”. Raw Feed.

— “The Test”. Raw Feed.

Popkes, Steven and David Alexander Smith. “Playing Chess with the Bishop”. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, J. E. “The Proper Study of Mankind”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “The Stars at War”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry. “Consort”. Raw Feed.

— “The Construction of Believable Societies”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “Democracy in America in the Year 2042”. Raw Feed.

— “Enforcer”. Raw Feed.

— Exiles to Glory. Raw Feed.

— “Extreme Prejudice”. Raw Feed.

— “High Justice”. Raw Feed.

— High Justice. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Introduction: Empire”. Raw Feed.

— King David’s Spaceship. Raw Feed.

— “A Matter of Sovereignty”. Raw Feed.

The Mercenary. Raw Feed.

— “Power to the People”. Raw Feed.

Prince of Mercenaries. Raw Feed.

— “Tinker”. Raw Feed.

— “The Voodoo Sciences”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

West of Honor. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Ben Bova and Frederik Pohl and Charles Sheffield. Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042: A Four-Part Invention. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Charles Sheffield. “Higher Education”. Raw Feed.

— Higher Education. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and John F. Carr. Imperial Stars, Vol. 1: The Stars at War. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Larry Niven. Footfall. Raw Feed.

The Gripping Hand. Raw Feed.

The Mote in God’s Eye. Raw Feed.

Oath of Fealty. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Larry Niven and Michael Flynn. Fallen Angels. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Larry Niven and Steven Barnes. The Legacy of Heorot. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and S. M. Stirling. Go Tell the Spartans. Raw Feed.

Prince of Sparta. Raw Feed.

Powers, Tim. The Anubis Gates. Raw Feed.

— The Bible Repairman. Review.

Declare. Raw Feed.

Dinner at Deviant’s Palace. Raw Feed.

The Drawing of the Dark. Raw Feed.

Earthquake Weather. Raw Feed.

Expiration Date. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction”. Raw Feed.

— “Itinerary”. Raw Feed.

Last Call. Raw Feed.

— “Night Moves”. Raw Feed.

Night Moves and Other Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

On Stranger Tides. Raw Feed.

The Stress of Her Regard. Raw Feed.

— “Through and Through”. Review.

— “The Way Down the Hill”. Raw Feed.

Powers, Tim and James P. Blaylock. “The Better Boy”. Raw Feed.

— The Devils in the Details. (collection). Review.

— “Fifty Cents”. Review.

— “We Traverse Afar”. Raw Feed.

Powers, Timothy. Epitaph in Rust. Raw Feed.

Powers, Timothy. The Skies Discrowned. Raw Feed.

Poyer, D. C. Stepfather Bank. Raw Feed.

Preiss, Byron, David Keller, Megan Miller, and John Betancourt. The Ultimate Werewolf. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Preston Jr., Richard Ellis. Romulus Buckle & The City of the Founders. Review.

Romulus Buckle & The Engines of War. Review.

Preuss, Paul. Human Error. Raw Feed.

Price, E. Hoffmann and H. P. Lovecraft. “Through the Gates of the Silver Key”. Raw Feed.

Price, Robert M. “The Prying Investigations of Edwin M. Lillibridge”. Review.

Priest, Christopher. “An Infinite Summer”. Review.

Prill, David. “The Heaven and Hell of Robert Flud”. Review.

Probert, John Llewellyn. “The Men with Paper Faces”. Review.

Pronzini, Bill. “Ancient Evil”. Raw Feed.

Pronzini, Bill and Barry N. Malzberg. “Prose Bowl”. Review.

Prospero, Peter. “The Atlantis”. Review.

Pugmire, W. H. “An Element of NIghtmare”. Review.

— “The Fungal Strain”. Review.

— “Half Lost in Shadow”. Review.

— “In Darkness Etched, My Name”. Essay.

— “Inhabitants of Wraithwood”. Review.

— “To Kiss Your Canvas”. Review.

— “To Move Beneath Autumnal Oaks”. Review.

Pugmire, W. H. and Jessica Amanda Salmonson. “Underneath an Arkham Moon”. Review.

Pulver, Joseph S. “Down Black Staircases”. Review.

— “Engravings”. Review.

— “Stone Cold Fever”. Review.

Purdom, Tom. “Bank Run”. Raw Feed.

— “Bogdavi’s Dream”. Review.

— “Bonding with Morry”. Review.

— “Canary Land”. Review. Review.

— “Dragon Drill”. Review.

Five Against Arlane. Review.

— “Fossil Games”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “Grieve for a Man”. Review.

— “Haggle Chips”. Review.

— “Legacies”. Review.

— Lovers & Fighters, Starships & Dragons. Review.

— “The Mists of Time”. Review.

— “The Noise of Their Joye”. Raw Feed.

— “The Path of the Transgressor”. Review.

— “Research Project”. Review.

— “A Response from EST17”. Review.

— “Romance for an Augmented Trio”. Review.

— “Romance in Extended Time”. Review.

— “Romance in Lunar G”. Review.

Romance on Four Worlds: A Casanova Quartet. (collection). Review.

— “Romance with Phobic Variations”. Review.

— “Sepoy”. Review.

— “Sheltering”. Review.

— “A War of Passion”. Review.


Quaglia, Roberto and Ian Watson. “Beloved Pig-Brother of the Daughter of the Pregnant Baby”. Review.

Quinn, Seabury. “The Phantom Farmhouse”. Review.

— “The Tenants of Broussac”. Review.

Quiroga, Horacio, trans. Margaret Sayers Peden. “The Feather Pillow”. Review.