World War One – Nonfiction

Reviewed books are listed by title.

“Raw Feeds” are essentially my lightly edited notes on a work.

1914: The Year the World Ended, Peter Ham. Review.


The Angel of Mons: Phantom Soldiers and Ghostly Guardians, David Clarke. Review.

Anthony Fokker: The Flying Dutchman Who Shaped American Aviation, Marc Dierikx. Review.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Lives! A World Without World War 1, Richard Ned Lebow. Review.


The Bloody White Baron: The Extraordinary Story of the Russian Nobleman Who Became the Khan of Mongolia, James Palmer. Review.


Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914, Christopher Clark. Review.


Dance of the Furies: Europe and the Outbreak of World War 1, Michael S. Neiberg. Review.

Disputed Earth: Geology and Trench Warfare on the Western Front 1914-1918, Peter Doyle. Review.


Faces of War: Russia in World War I 1914-1918. Review.


The Grand Scuttle: The Sinking of the Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919, Dan van der Vat. Review.

The Great Scuttle: The End of the German High Seas Fleet, David Meara. Review.

The Great War: A Combat History of the First World War, Peter Hart. Review.


A History of the First World War in 100 Objects, John Hughes-Wilson. Review.

History’s Greatest War: A Pictorial Narrative, S. J. Duncan-Clark. Review.


Instrument of War: The German Army 1914-18, Dennis Showalter. Review.

The Intelligence War in Latin America, 1914 — 1922, Jamie Bisher. Review.


The Ottoman Endgame: War, Revolution, and the Making of the Modern Middle East, 1908-1923, Sean McMeekin. Review.


Passchendaele: The Tragic Victory of 1917, Philip Warner. Review.

Passchendaele: The Untold Story, Robin Prior & Trevor Wilson. Review.

Planning Armageddon: British Economic Warfare in the First World War, Nicholas A. Lambert. Review.


The Russian Origins of the First World War, Sean McMeekin. Review.


Somme: 1 July 1916: Tragedy and Triumph, Andrew Robertshaw. Review.

Storm of Steel, Ernst Junger, trans. Michael Hoffmann. Review.

The Suicide Battalion, James L. McWilliams & R. James Steel. Review.

Swarm Troopers: How Small Drones Will Conquer the World, David Hambling. Review.


Turks and Armenians: Nationalism and Conflict in the Ottoman Empire, Justin McCarthy. Review.


Wake Up, America!: World War I and the American Poster, Walton Rawls. Review.

What If?: The World’s Foremost Military Historians Imagine What Might Have Been, ed. Robert Cowley. Raw Feed.

World War I: The Definitive Visual History, R. G. Grant. Review.