Visiting Doc Again

I haven’t just been reading Ambrose Bierce during the last three months.

I’ve been hanging out with the Bronze Guy, Doc Savage.

The excuse was preparing for Arcana 44 about three months back.

Anthony Tollin was a Guest of Honor. A former comic book colorist and editor, these days he’s an expert on old time radio shows, the sinister pulp hero the Shadow, and an editor at Nostalgia Ventures where he oversees the reprinting of various pulp magazine stories including Doc Savage.

I hoped he’d have samples of those Doc Savage reprints. He did. The advertising worked. I’ve since bought several including some with stories I already had from the Bantam Book reprint series.

So Who Is Doc Savage?

The Doc Savage cycle starts in March 1933 and continues today. It includes radio shows, comic books, reprints of pulp stories, and additions to the saga written yet today. Continue reading