Cosmic Trigger

While I work on some new review, I’m continuing with the Robert Anton Wilson series.

Raw Feed (2004): Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati, Robert Anton Wilson, 1977.cosmic-trigger

This book provided some interesting autobiographical material on Wilson. I note confirmation of my theory that engineers seemed to be attracted to outré ideas more than scientists by the fact that Wilson started out training to be an electrical engineer before switching to mathematics (which may explain why he has such a good grasp of quantum physics).

He admits to being of an analytical mind and fascinated by puzzles. I would say, in his case, the analytical mind likes to create puzzles where none exist as well as solve them. In his mind, pattern seeking behavior is in overdrive, and that accounts for the sometimes delightful and interesting connections he makes between the occult and/or (a favorite connector of Wilson who eschews binary logic) science and/or conspiracy theories as well as his seeming encyclopedia knowledge of the occult and conspiracy theories.

I came away with more and less respect for Wilson. Continue reading